12 Best AI Content Writing Tools for Bloggers (2024)

12 Best AI Content Writing Tools for Bloggers: AI content writing tools have become a permanent fixture in the digital landscape. Whether you’re a blogger or an aspiring solopreneur, these tools significantly boost your productivity. However, the abundance of options can make it challenging to select the one that best fits your requirements.

Best AI Tools for Content Writing

  1. ContentShake
  2. Grammarly Go
  3. QuillBot
  4. Surfer
  5. ChatGPT
  6. Jasper
  7. Grammarly
  8. Wordvice
  9. Rank Math
  10. Frase
  11. Narrato
  12. Hemingway

How AI Content Writing Tools Work 

The most advanced AI content writing tools have the ability to generate complete articles based on just a single sentence prompt. They leverage language models and information gathered from the internet to provide coherent and human-like responses to various queries.

Additionally, these AI content tools can:

  1. Analyze text for errors and suggest improvements.
  2. Enhance the readability, tone, and brand safety aspects of content.
  3. Identify SEO opportunities within drafts.
  4. Research potential blog topics that are likely to engage readers.

Moreover, there are all-in-one tools available. For instance, ContentShake by Semrush guides you through every stage, from researching topics to optimizing your content.

12 Best AI Content Writing Tools for Bloggers
12 Best AI Content Writing Tools for Bloggers (2024) 23

5 Key Benefits of Using AI Tools 

Many bloggers, businesses, and website owners remain skeptical about using AI content-writing tools. If you find yourself in this camp, let’s take a quick look at the benefits they offer:

  1. Supercharge your content creation efforts:
    AI content tools empower everyone, including solo bloggers, to generate a substantial amount of high-quality content at an astonishing speed. With the right tool, a single sentence can transform into a fully developed, polished article in a fraction of the time it would take manually.
  2. Create optimized content for marketing activities:
    AI enables small teams or individual bloggers to keep up with content creation demands for various marketing activities such as blogging, link building, and email marketing. This allows you to focus on developing strategies or producing high-priority, pillar content.
  3. Beat the writer’s block:
    AI content tools save valuable time on research by swiftly generating eye-catching topic ideas. Some tools even assist in creating complete content outlines, significantly easing the workload for bloggers and marketers.
  4. Improve content quality:
    Utilize AI tools for tasks like proofreading, outline creation, and citations to enhance the quality of your content. This not only saves time but also proves cost-effective compared to hiring full-time editors or editing services.
  5. Personalize your content:
    Most AI writing tools are sophisticated enough to replicate any writing style and tone. Simply instruct the tool to follow a specific style or provide a sample article to train the AI in producing personalized content tailored to your needs.

Top 12 AI Tools for Content Writers

Without further ado, here are the top 12 AI content writing tools worth checking out: 

My Top Recommendation

1. ContentShake

My top recommendation is ContentShake by Semrush. This premium AI content marketing tool is an all-in-one solution, covering everything from generating topic ideas to optimizing your copy.

Despite its powerful capabilities, ContentShake is remarkably user-friendly. Begin by entering a keyword, select a suggested topic idea, and click ‘Start writing’ to unleash the full potential of ContentShake’s AI-driven features.

ContentShake main interface generating content ideas

In a matter of seconds, ContentShake can create a comprehensive outline for a search engine-optimized post. This includes subheadings, instructions for the introduction and conclusion, and additional details to guide your content creation.

To prompt the AI to write, simply click the magic wand icon located to the left of a section. Alternatively, you can highlight the specific section you want to generate and click ‘Compose with AI.’

After the generation process, you’ll have the choice to accept the generated text, give it another try, or discard everything according to your preferences.

ContentShake AI composer accept window

To enhance your draft, navigate to the ‘Suggestions’ section and go to the ‘Optimization’ tab. Here, you’ll discover a comprehensive report offering actionable suggestions to improve your content’s readability, keyword optimization, and tone.

ContentShake optimization suggestions

Beyond the optimization tips, ContentShake goes the extra mile by providing suggestions from your competitors. Simply visit the ‘Suggestions’ tab to gather ideas for your title, introduction, post structure, images, and more.

Ready to elevate your content creation? Experience ContentShake today!

2. Grammarly Go

Grammarly holds a crucial place in my personal blogging toolkit. Renowned as the industry leader in proofreading software, Grammarly stands out with features such as customizable content goals, one-click correction suggestions, and seamless integrations with third-party platforms like MS Word, Google Chrome, Grammarly Keyboard, and more.

Grammarly Homepage

Grammarly Go represents the next significant addition to Grammarly’s impressive array of features.

Although currently in beta, Grammarly Go showcases versatility in handling various content-related tasks. It can generate blog post ideas, brainstorm compelling questions to boost engagement, or even produce an entire draft from scratch.

Grammarly Go main sidebar interface

To demonstrate Grammarly Go’s performance, let’s ask it to write a 100-word introduction using a sample title. 

Grammarly Go with test query

Here’s what Grammarly Go generated from this prompt: 

Grammarly Go sample output

To learn more about Grammarly’s complete set of features (and get a 25% discount), check out this full Grammarly Premium review.

Experience GrammarlyGo Today!

3. QuillBot

QuillBot is an AI-driven tool crafted for paraphrasing content, aiming to rewrite and improve existing text. It proves especially handy for repurposing older content for diverse tasks such as updating posts, contributing to guest articles, crafting newsletter copy, and more.

Beyond its core AI rewriting function, QuillBot offers several features to simplify the life of a content writer. These include a citation generator, translator, word processor, plagiarism checker, and grammar checker, all neatly integrated into a single, user-friendly interface.

QuillBot AI content tools

To use QuillBot’s AI paraphraser, simply copy and paste your text into the left field. Before initiating the process, make sure to select a paraphrasing mode from the drop-down menu. Then, click ‘Paraphrase’ to commence the transformation.

QuillBot paraphrasing modes menu

To evaluate QuillBot’s capabilities, let’s paraphrase the introduction we crafted earlier using Grammarly Go.

If there’s a specific word or phrase in QuillBot’s translation that you’re not satisfied with, you can easily highlight it and click ‘Rephrase’ to rewrite it according to your preferences.

QuillBot translation sample

Read “Is QuillBot Premium Worth It” if you’re interested in Quillbot’s other features. 

Experience QuillBot Today!

4. Surfer

Surfer is one of the newest additions to my personal blogging toolkit, and it quickly became one of my favorites.

Fundamentally, Surfer is a content SEO tool that offers valuable insights and recommendations tailored to your target keywords.

SurferSEO landing page

What I love most about Surfer is its functionality as a convenient Google Sheets sidebar. This feature enables me to optimize content for target keywords in real-time as I write.

Surfer goes a step further by incorporating an AI content tool, allowing for the creation of outlines or even entire articles within minutes.

To access Surfer’s AI content capabilities, navigate to the “Content Editor” page, switch to the ‘Write with AI’ tab, and input your target keywords to set up an AI-powered editor. Surfer also provides options to specify your desired tone, edit the outline, and identify competitors, allowing you to fine-tune the AI-generated text according to your preferences.

Surfer AI content generator main configuration page

It’s important to note that Surfer operates on a system where one AI credit is needed per AI-generated content. These AI credits are available for separate purchase at $29 each, which might be relatively pricey when compared to other AI tools.

However, on the positive side, Surfer AI stands out as one of the top professional tools for generating original AI content. Notably, it includes an “Anti-AI Detection” feature, ensuring that the articles produced are ready for publication with minimal editing required.

Ready to elevate your content creation? Experience Surfer today!

Content Generation Tools

Now that we’ve discussed my top AI tools for content writing, let’s give a shout-out to some special mentions. Here are additional AI-powered content generation tools you might want to explore:

5. ChatGPT

ChatGPT main chat interface

ChatGPT by OpenAI is a robust chatbot capable of generating various types of text-based content. You can instruct it to create summaries, outlines, title ideas, or even entire articles with just a few prompts.

For more technical needs, ChatGPT is powerful enough to generate code for your website or app.

When leveraging ChatGPT for blog content, it’s advisable to avoid generating entire articles to prevent potential plagiarism or AI detection. Instead, use ChatGPT to gather and refine ideas—whether for blog topics, outlines, summaries, or emails.

Ready to explore the capabilities of ChatGPT? Experience it today!

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6. Jasper

Jasper landing page

Jasper is an AI content generator crafted for businesses, freelancers, and marketing teams.

While Jasper’s interface might pose a challenge for beginners, it comes packed with features designed to streamline time-consuming aspects of content generation. This encompasses a set of templates for AI content creation and specialized tools for different content sections.

Ready to enhance your content creation process? Experience Jasper today!

Editing and Proofreading

If you’d rather write content with humans, you can still use AI to speed up the editing and proofreading processes with these tools: 

7. Grammarly

Grammarly landing page

Grammarly utilizes AI to offer correction and enhancement suggestions for written content—well before AI content generation tools like ChatGPT became mainstream.

One standout feature of Grammarly is its customizable algorithm for improvement suggestions. When crafting a new draft, you can define your target audience, formality level, intent, and project type (business, academic, casual, etc.).

Additionally, Grammarly seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Word and web browsers, enabling you to leverage its features natively while working with your preferred tools.

Ready to enhance your writing? Experience Grammarly today!

8. Wordvice

Wordvice main interface

Wordvice AI stands as a solid alternative to Grammarly, placing greater emphasis on AI-generated content.

Much like Grammarly, you have the ability to tailor Wordvice’s detection algorithms to align with your specific content objectives. Correction suggestions can be implemented with a single click, significantly reducing the time required for proofreading and editing your content.

Curious to explore the benefits? Experience Wordvice today!

SEO Optimization Tools 

For years, businesses and bloggers have depended on tools like Surfer to enhance the ranking potential of their content.

Here are some of the AI SEO tools I have had experience with over the years:

9. RankMath

Rank Math main landing page

RankMath boasts itself as the Swiss army knife of SEO tools. It offers various modules designed to optimize specific elements of your WordPress content, including structured data, image SEO, and keyword optimization.

What sets Rank Math apart is its seamless integration with the WordPress post editor, similar to Surfer for Google Docs. This integration allows you to enhance productivity by consolidating content writing and SEO efforts into one streamlined workflow.

Ready to elevate your SEO game? Experience RankMath today!

10. Frase

frase 1684313880
12 Best AI Content Writing Tools for Bloggers (2024) 24

Frase is an AI-powered solution designed to assist throughout all stages of SEO content creation. From content research and outline creation to writing and optimization, Frase has you covered.

By using Frase as your word processor, you can efficiently manage all SEO-related tasks in one centralized platform.

Ready to streamline your SEO content creation process? Experience Frase today!

Content Enhancement Tools 

Finally, here are AI tools developed to improve content quality:

11. Narrato


Narrato serves as a collaborative workspace designed to boost productivity for content teams through the power of AI. It aids in organizing content ideas, creating structured content briefs, tracking productivity, and more.

With Narrato, your team can consistently produce higher-quality content by leveraging efficient task management and collaboration. Notably, Narrato includes a built-in readability and plagiarism checker to refine drafts before publication.

Ready to enhance your content creation workflow? Experience Narrato today!

12. Hemingway

Hemingway App Review
12 Best AI Content Writing Tools for Bloggers (2024) 25

Hemingway is a notable composing colleague that distinguishes clarity issues in your substance. In its most recent beta variant, it use the force of computer based intelligence to give more intelligent, more exact upgrade ideas to support your substance’s tone and stream.

Experience Hemingway Today!

Top Tips to Make the Most Out of AI Content Tools

Ready to supercharge your content writing with the power of AI? 

To enhance the effectiveness of your AI-driven content, here are some key tips to keep in mind:

  1. Carefully plan your content outlines:
    Craft your own outlines to ensure that your AI tool generates content that is entirely original. While AI-generated outlines can expedite the process, adding unique sections yourself imparts your personal touch to the content.
  2. Combine outputs from different tools:
    Enhance the uniqueness and value of your content by utilizing different AI tools for distinct tasks. For instance, you can use ContentShake to create SEO content and then optimize it for target keywords using Surfer.
  3. Leverage your own content writing skills:
    Prior to publishing AI-generated content, review the draft and identify potential improvements. While AI tools can produce human-like articles, it’s crucial for you to ensure that each post aligns with your personal style and meets your quality standards.

By following these tips, you can maximize the impact of AI in your content creation process.

Final Words 

AI writing tools have the potential to elevate your productivity across the entire spectrum of content creation, from topic ideation to SEO.

In the dynamic realm of blogging, smaller one-person teams often struggle to match the posting frequency of larger competitors. However, with the advent of AI tools, it’s an opportune moment for these smaller teams to bridge the gap and let ingenious blog ideas triumph over bigger teams with more substantial resources.

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