Donald Glover Seeks Brad Pitt’s Advice on “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” Remake, Gets Pitt’s Signature Charm

Donald Glover steps into Brad Pitt’s shoes for Prime Video’s upcoming “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” series, sharing insights on the remake. Glover, who stars and co-created the series, reveals reaching out to Pitt for tips on the iconic role.

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Donald Glover Seeks Brad Pitt's Advice on "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" Remake, Gets Pitt's Signature Charm 3

Despite Glover’s initial attempt to glean advice, Pitt, in true charming fashion, sidestepped the mentoring. Glover humorously recounts Pitt’s response, stating, “Brad Pitt-ed his way out of it… He was like, ‘Oh, you’ll do great, kid.’ That kind of thing.”

Glover emphasizes Pitt’s sweetness and acknowledges the actor’s encouragement, providing a glimpse into their interaction. The revamped series, featuring Maya Erskine alongside Glover, deviates from the original plot, presenting John and Jane Smith as aware of each other’s spy careers.

Critics, such as Variety’s Alison Herman, hail the show as an “improved” take, describing it as a contemporary, mumblecore-infused narrative. The unique spin on the classic premise promises a fresh and modernized perspective.

All eyes are on Prime Video as all eight episodes of “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” premiere on February 2, offering a blend of charm, humor, and espionage.

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