Earn Money with These 10 Ways While Studying

10 Ways to Make Money as a Student: In the era of rising prices, everyone is figuring out ways to earn money. Students studying in college are also engaging in real online and offline part-time jobs to supplement their pocket money.

But every college student is unaware of which job they can do to manage their pocket money. So, let us tell you today. What are the online and offline money-making ideas for students?

Many students are those who have taken loans for professional education. In this case, these real earning tricks will be useful for them, and they can earn some income by doing offline or online jobs, which will help make them self-dependent.

I have talked about many ways to earn money on TechYukti, but this is a specific post for students who want to live a better lifestyle and fulfill their needs along with pursuing their hobbies.

10 Ways for Students to Earn Money

Ways to Earn Money As a Student

At this time, most students are sitting at home because schools and colleges are closed. In such a situation, I thought of sharing some ways to earn money, which a student can start as a passion and later turn it into a career. Here, I am going to talk about 10 ways of learning and earning.

If a student follows them with passion, these can definitely become their career in the future.

1. Content Editor/Writer

This is a job that you can easily get. In the era of technology, everyone is living a digital life online. Numerous websites have emerged where you can earn good money by spending two to four hours doing copy editing or content writing.

For this, you need to be proficient in any language, meaning that you should have a good command of the language in which you will work. Many bloggers pay a decent income to their editors for this job.

If you are not familiar with content writing, you can take the help of online video courses available for free on platforms like YouTube.

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2. Social Media Assistant:

With the increasing presence of social media platforms today, managing social media accounts has become a means of earning. Handling the social media accounts of various companies, such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages, can result in a decent salary. This work can be done from home in three to four hours. Many startups and small businesses are willing to pay you thousands of rupees to make their Facebook or Twitter pages popular.

For the job of a social media expert, companies pay freelancers 10 to 15 thousand rupees every month to manage their social media pages.

In this case, if you are a student, learning social media marketing and building a career in the marketing field is the most suitable way. Learning about platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and starting work for a company is the right approach. Gain experience and earn some money while handling the company’s social media accounts.

If you can handle social media well, you can also make a decent income through social media marketing.

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3. Translations Writing:

Translations Writing

If you have good knowledge of more than one language and can read and write them well, then the best way to earn excellent work and money is through translation or language translation.

You can earn money by doing this job in various ways. If you work full-time with a company, you can receive a very good salary. Additionally, if you work as a freelancer, you can earn money based on words translated or per article. This way, you can make a decent income by working for one to two hours every day or one to two days a week.

You may also get opportunities to work for different newspapers or magazines, expanding your network and earning money simultaneously.

4. Online Teaching

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If you have an interest in both learning and teaching, and possess the talent to impart knowledge effectively, then online teaching is the best field for you. In this technological age, the realm of online education and tutoring has seen significant growth.

You can earn a good salary in this field, and the best part is that you can do this work from home at your convenience. Whether it’s a technical subject or a language, online teaching is in high demand nowadays.

5. Food Photography for Bloggers/Home Bakers/Local Hotels-

If a college student is studying photography, it is the best option for them to earn money through photography. However, it is not necessary that only students studying photography can pursue this career.

Even if a student is from a different field but has a passion for photography and can click good photos, they can also earn decent money through part-time work. In photography, one can work by taking photos of new dishes for food bloggers, home bakers, or local hotels, which often pay well.

These photos can be used on their blogs, social media, and magazines. As you gain experience in this field, your charges can increase over time.


6. Instagram Portfolio-

In today’s technical era, everyone is creating their work portfolios and uploading them on social media to seize every opportunity. For this, individuals from every field, whether it’s modeling, singing, fashion designing, arts, beauty, etc., create Instagram portfolios showcasing their work.

You can also design an Instagram portfolio related to your field in a correct and beautiful manner. This also earns a good amount of money. Instagram accounts of people involved in modeling hold significant importance. You just need to expand your networking and find such opportunities.

With increasing experience and a growing network, you can gradually increase your charges and turn this into a full-time job.

7. Selling Photos Online for Websites and Android Apps:-

Today, everyone has websites and Android mobile apps related to their business or field. They need to upload photos related to their projects on these websites and apps.

If you are a photographer and have high-quality photos, you can sell them on different websites and Android apps. This can generate a good income for you.

8. Data Entry Jobs-

Several foreign and Indian companies offer online and offline data entry work, providing a significant amount of compensation. College students can earn good pocket money through these opportunities.

You can start with small data entry tasks like entering captchas or filling out survey forms. Building a large network with friends and earning money through online referrals is also an option.

Online data entry jobs can be done from anywhere, as there is an option for work from home. While you may need some initial investment, you can gradually increase your earnings over time.

9. Bulk T- shirt / Hoodie Design  for College Festivals-

In colleges, there are events or functions happening every semester, and you can capitalize on these opportunities. You can take a contract for college festivals and events to create bulk designer T-shirts.

By creating T-shirts or hoodies related to the festival or event that lasts for 3 to 4 hours, people won’t just like it, but they might wear it on other days as well. If you negotiate with a T-shirt vendor in advance, you could potentially make a good profit. Additionally, you can explore creating other items like mobile covers or tags with college-related themes.

10. Selling Traveling photos to Travel bloggers-

India has many tourist destinations that can be a source of good income both offline and online. If you have a keen interest in traveling, exploring, and capturing photos, you can turn it into a source of income.

You can sell the photos you capture during your travels to travel bloggers, but the photos should be of professional quality. This can also be a lucrative income source. Start by creating a list of potential buyers and then reach out to them via email. If they like your photos, they might purchase them from you.

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