Google Bard vs ChatGPT – Which AI Tool is Best in 2024?

Google Bard vs ChatGPT: AI chatbots have revolutionized the way we approach daily tasks, enhancing efficiency and convenience for everyone. However, two exceptional tools have emerged as game-changers: Google Bard and ChatGPT.

The widespread adoption of AI tools has exceeded all expectations, seamlessly integrating into our work routines. The power of an AI chatbot is astounding—it can handle multiple responsibilities such as conducting academic research, composing emails, coding, and even crafting melodies!

Indeed, AI has become synonymous with productivity optimization, transforming the way we work. The question that arises is whether artificial intelligence is merely a passing fad or a substantial aid in working smarter.

Google Bard vs ChatGPT
Google Bard vs ChatGPT – Which AI Tool is Best in 2024? 15

To address this intriguing dilemma, we present an ultimate face-off between Google Bard and ChatGPT, analyzing their strengths and capabilities based on factual evidence. This comparison aims to empower you in making an informed decision regarding the AI chatbot that best aligns with your requirements.

However, we hold an additional option that caters to those seeking even greater possibilities. So, accompany us throughout this journey to uncover the possibilities of Google Bard and ChatGPT, and discover the ideal AI chatbot for your needs.

Remember, in today’s world, AI-driven efficiency is the key to enhancing productivity and achieving remarkable outcomes. Let’s delve into the realm of Google Bard and ChatGPT to explore the remarkable advantages they offer.

What is Google Bard?

Bard AI
via Google BardIn February 2023, Google unveiled Bard, an artificial intelligence bot regarded by experts as Google’s answer to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Bard is constructed on Google’s AI language model for dialogue applications, known as LaMDA. According to Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet, Bard is an experimental conversational AI service designed to offer refined responses to questions, akin to the functionality of Google search.

Pichai highlights Bard’s capacity to amalgamate global knowledge and leverage web-based information to deliver fresh, high-quality responses. Notably, Bard’s conversations undergo assessment by human reviewers to enhance response quality.

Bard excels in providing straightforward and contextual answers, differentiating itself from other AI chatbots that may present extensive web content. Its unique approach to information retrieval, training on conversational data rather than traditional sources like books and articles, sets Bard apart.

Key Features of Google Bard:

Bard Extensions:
Google consistently enhances Bard’s capabilities, with the latest addition being Bard Extensions—a chatbot that retrieves information from various Google services such as Gmail, Google Docs, Google Maps, and Google Drive. For example, when planning a trip to the Grand Canyon with a work team, Bard Extensions can streamline the process by:

Extracting available dates from Gmail.
Providing real-time flight and hotel details.
Sending Google Maps directions to the airport.
Offering YouTube videos showcasing activities at the destination.
google bard extension (1)
Bard Extensions Shows Relevant Info from Common Google Tools — All Within One Conversation

2. Assistant with Bard

Google Bard has introduced an intriguing feature known as “Assistant in Bard,” combining a personalized assistant that listens and a generative AI technology that reasons and responds. Users can interact with this tool using text, voice, or images to obtain their personalized assistant.

For instance, if you find yourself struggling to come up with clever captions for a picture of your puppy on social media, the Assistant in Bard can lend a helping hand. Simply overlay the tool on your photo and request a quick social media post, allowing the assistant to generate a suitable caption for you. This feature demonstrates the practical and user-friendly aspects of Assistant in Bard for various interactive tasks.

Google bard assistant

Assistant with Bard leverages the image as the primary visual cue, offering a unique and innovative approach to curating contextual posts for users.

This conversational overlay distinguishes itself as a first-mover in the industry, presenting a novel experience that has not been attempted by any brand before.

The combination of image-centric interactions and contextual post generation adds a fresh and pioneering dimension to user engagement within the AI-powered Assistant in Bard.

3. “Google it” (G) button

Bard has introduced yet another compelling feature with its ‘Google it’ button, allowing users to quickly double-check its answers.

By clicking on the ‘G’ icon after receiving a result, Bard actively reviews the response and assesses whether there is comparable content across the web to validate and substantiate the information provided.

This feature enhances the reliability and accuracy of Bard’s responses, offering users a convenient means to verify information in real-time.

google bard Ai vs google search

To gain insights into similar content through Google Search, simply click on the highlighted phrases.

Additionally, Bard allows you to share a chat using a public link, enabling the continuation of the conversation with someone else.

The recipient of the shared link can pose additional questions to Bard about the given topic and further contribute to the ongoing exchange.

This feature facilitates collaborative and extended interactions based on the shared conversation.

Google Bard pricing

  • Free to use with no caps on the number of questions you ask!

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT product example
via ChatGPT

Released in November 2022, ChatGPT is OpenAI’s AI-powered chatbot that answers questions and prompts in any format you want.

ChatGPT possesses the remarkable ability to engage in human-like conversations, making it a versatile artificial intelligence tool. Unlike traditional AI models, ChatGPT goes beyond and exhibits creative thinking, allowing it to perform tasks previously exclusive to humans:

  1. Content Creation:
  • Compose poems, emails, blogs, articles.
  • Generate content calendar templates and social media posts.
  • Draft essays on various topics.
  1. Technical Tasks:
  • Debug code efficiently.
  • Summarize podcasts and transcripts accurately.
  • Solve complex mathematical problems.
  1. SEO Assistance:
  • Identify keywords for optimizing search engine performance.

ChatGPT Features:

  • Data Utilization:
    ChatGPT leverages vast amounts of data and large AI language models to generate natural, human-like responses suitable for entertainment, business, and educational purposes.
  • Non-Sentient Nature:
    Contrary to common beliefs, ChatGPT is not sentient. It operates by formulating responses based on predictions made by the transformer model, predicting the next word, sentence, paragraph, etc., depending on the learned sequences of text.

New Voice and Image Capabilities:

ChatGPT introduces innovative voice and image capabilities, enhancing its usability:

  • Conduct voice conversations for a more interactive experience.
  • Share images to receive intuitive responses, such as getting dinner suggestions by snapping a picture of your fridge and pantry.
  • Ask follow-up questions to obtain step-by-step recipe guidance.

2. Custom versions of ChatGPT—GPTs

ChatGPT has introduced a groundbreaking update, allowing users to tailor the platform to their specific needs, making it more personalized and versatile. With the new GPTs update, users can create their custom version of ChatGPT for various purposes in their daily lives and even share these creations with others. This customization extends to activities such as teaching math to children or designing stickers.

Key Features:

  1. Personalization:
    Users can now customize ChatGPT for specific purposes in their daily lives, enhancing its utility in various contexts.
  2. Shareable Creations:
    The ability to share custom versions of ChatGPT enables collaborative and shared experiences, fostering creativity and knowledge exchange.
  3. Test-Drive Functionality:
    Users are encouraged to test drive the platform to experience firsthand the versatility and adaptability of the customized ChatGPT.

Prompt Examples:

To make initiating a new conversation more approachable, ChatGPT has introduced ‘Prompt Examples.’ These AI prompt templates serve as starting points for users, making it easier to begin engaging and meaningful conversations instead of facing a blank space.


  • Free Tier: $0
  • ChatGPT-4 Subscription: $20/month

Google Bard vs ChatGPT : Is There a Winner?

Comparing ChatGPT and Google Bard, two advanced AI tools designed to simplify various tasks, it’s essential to explore their differences to determine if one surpasses the other. Here are some critical distinctions:

1. Generative Capabilities:

Bard lacks the same level of generative AI capabilities as ChatGPT. A practical demonstration involves prompting both AI tools with the task of writing an essay on the topic ‘Why we feel sad about Matthew Perry dying.’

First up, we have Bard’s response:

Bard example prompt

Bard’s primary objective, at least for the current moment, is to assist with Google search queries; however, it also demonstrates creative writing capabilities. Notably, the essay concludes with a strong message on mental health, distinguishing it from the version generated by ChatGPT.

Similarly, ChatGPT excels in producing a well-crafted essay that maintains focus and quality throughout.

Chatgpt prompt example

The verdict: It is a tie when it comes to evaluating the generative AI capabilities of both ChatGPT and Google Bard. 

2. Training model

A crucial distinction between Google Bard and ChatGPT lies in the Large Language Models (LLMs) they utilize. Bard operates on the PaLM 2 architecture, while ChatGPT is based on the Transformer architecture.

For end-users like us, this variance holds significance in the approach to information processing. ChatGPT’s research involves feeding training data into the system, leading to a potential lag in staying current as the data quickly becomes dated. In contrast, Bard dynamically scours web pages in real-time, ensuring more up-to-date information and making conversations more relevant.

Our conclusion: Bard gains an advantage in providing the latest information, thanks to its real-time web-scouring training model.

3. Modify responses + Image uploads

Google bard modify responses

Google Bard stands out by allowing users to modify the tool’s response and providing multiple options for the same. Additionally, the AI chatbot facilitates the uploading of image attachments.

On the other hand, while ChatGPT’s free version lacks features like image attachments and response modification options, users can still provide feedback on the response and regenerate it.

Our verdict: Both AI chatbots offer users some flexibility in refining response quality, resulting in a tie.

Google Bard vs ChatGPT on Reddit

Turning to Reddit for insights on Google Bard vs. ChatGPT reveals a spectrum of opinions.

Some users emphasize Google’s scale advantage in data and compute, praising LaMDA’s dynamic updating as a significant edge over GPT-3.5. However, not all opinions favor Bard.

Some users express a preference for ChatGPT, citing its perceived higher quality and accuracy in responses compared to Bard. One user notes that Bard excels at looking up current information with browsing but may provide more fake or unreliable information compared to ChatGPT. Additionally, some users believe that ChatGPT is more capable in tasks like creative writing prompts.

In summary, opinions vary, with some users favoring Bard for current information lookup and usability, while others lean towards ChatGPT for its overall model capability.

Meet ClickUp—The Best Alternative to ChatGPT vs. Google Bard

In my attempt to leverage Google Bard and ChatGPT for generating a blog on their comparative features, it became apparent that both AI tools require improvement in terms of factual accuracy and verified research.

As the landscape of AI evolves, the battle between Google Bard and ChatGPT alternatives continues. Fortunately, a promising third option emerges as a more natural fit for AI chatbot needs: ClickUp AI.

1. ClickUp AI

ClickUp AI Overview GIF
Use ClickUp AI to write faster, summarize and polish text, generate email responses, and more

Instead of focusing on streamlining workflows, invest your time in ideating, creating, and engaging in tasks that require a human touch. With ClickUp AI, your workflow efficiency is optimized, reducing time and effort.

This AI-powered assistant is customizable for various roles, offering a wide array of research-backed AI tools tailored for diverse functions and use cases, spanning project management, customer support, product engineering, and marketing.

ClickUp AI Sales Email Message Example
ClickUp AI allows sales teams to be more confident in their communications by proofing, shortening, or drafting email copy

For example, leverage a personal copy editor through ClickUp AI to enhance the clarity, conciseness, and engagement of your writing. No need for separate AI writing tools; ClickUp provides a comprehensive solution.

Enhance the structure of your content with pre-structured headers, tables, and more. ClickUp stands out as one of the premier AI content generators, prioritizing content quality, accuracy, and relevance.

Experience advanced summarization capabilities with ClickUp AI. Have a lengthy comments thread on a task? Use ClickUp AI to summarize the entire thread in seconds, ensuring immediate comprehension of the context.

Coming out of a lengthy customer meeting? Quickly identify critical action points with ClickUp AI.

2. ClickUp Docs

Absolutely, ClickUp Docs goes beyond just creating wikis and documents. It seamlessly integrates with your workflows, enabling collaborative teamwork on the content. It ensures that your team can efficiently work together on documentation, enhancing overall productivity.

Rich Formatting and Slash Commands in ClickUp Docs
Use ClickUp Docs to manage important documents and foster team collaboration

ClickUp Docs indeed provides a comprehensive set of features for document creation and collaboration. The incorporation of nested pages, styling options, and the ability to embed bookmarks and tables enhances the functionality and aesthetics of your documents. The real-time collaboration features, including tagging comments and assigning action items, make teamwork more efficient and streamlined. It’s a versatile tool for creating, editing, and collaborating on various types of documents.

3. ClickUp Tasks

Organizing tasks are the foundation for successful projects. Use ClickUp Tasks to assign tasks to multiple assignees and add comment threads for different tasks.

Save time with shareable screen recordings and leave little to no chance for errors

ClickUp for Task Management
Use ClickUp to manage tasks and projects easily, and collaborate efficiently with your teamIndeed, ClickUp Tasks offers a multidimensional approach, allowing users to customize subtasks and access essential information effortlessly.

The platform’s flexibility extends to Workspace customization, enabling teams to manage work while aligning with their preferred task types. With these features available for free, ClickUp empowers users to enhance productivity and streamline their workflow.

Here is an overview of ClickUp pricing:

Free Forever: $0
Unlimited: $7 per member per month
Business: $12 per member per month
Enterprise: Custom pricing
ClickUp AI: Add to any paid plan for $5 per member per month

Get Started With ClickUp Today

ClickUp’s AI chatbot streamlines every facet of your work, allowing you to concentrate on what truly matters – your customers. Instead of switching between AI project management tools, design apps, and content creation apps, consolidate everything within ClickUp.

Benefit from straightforward navigation across diverse tools and foster efficient collaboration among multiple teams. ClickUp ensures a seamless workflow, enhancing productivity and teamwork.

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