Interview with Ambika Mod: Discussing Her Controversial Role and Experience with Therapy.

The 28-year-old Netflix star digs into double standards in the romance genre, the backlash to her One Day character, and whether or not Emma and Dexter would make it in today’s world.

When you land a lead role in a highly anticipated book-to-film adaptation, you’re bound to face some intense scrutiny. For Ambika Mod, that scrutiny has been amplified tenfold thanks to her polarizing portrayal of Emma Morley in the romantic drama One Day.

As the outspoken, free-spirited heroine, Mod’s performance has been one of the most divisive of the year. While some viewers gobbled up Emma’s confident, live-out-loud energy, others found the character obnoxious, trying too hard to be a quirky, charismatic dream girl.

The backlash intensified as One Day’s global promotional tour ramped up. Think pieces debating Emma’s likability flooded social media. Reddit tore the character apart scene by scene. The criticism even extended to attacking Mod’s natural persona and fashion choices on the red carpet circuit.

At the eye of this internet storm stood the fresh-faced 25-year-old actress, feeling the full force of audience feedback for the first time in her blossoming career.

Opening Up on the Emma Hate

In a candid new interview with Glamour, Ambika addressed the situation head-on, expressing how deeply the harsh comments stung – but also how she’s learned to process it in a healthy way.

“I’m human, it does sting a little bit when people are so vehemently disliking something you’ve poured your heart into,” the young star admitted. “But my therapist always reminds me that you can’t be for everyone. If I was universally loved, that would be so boring!”

High praise for the uplifting power of therapy! Rather than lashing out or trying to change public perception, Mod is taking the high road by accepting the criticism as simply…a difference of opinion.

“I truly loved bringing Emma’s spirit to life,” she explained. “For me, her brutal honesty and zest for life were so fun to embody. But I get that her personality won’t vibe with everyone, and that’s okay.”

The Grounding Power of Good Therapy

For Ambika, prioritizing her mental health through therapy has been crucial for navigating the soaring highs and shaded lows of her astronomical rise to fame this year.

From gracing her first Oscars red carpet in Valentino to trading quips with Amy Schumer on late night, Mod has been doing a masterclass in celebrity with her grateful, glowing social media posts amid the chaos.

But even as her star has rapidly risen, this talented newcomer has kept it real by continuing to hit up her therapist for regular venting sessions on adjusting to this wild new lifestyle.

“The schedule has been insane with all the travel and press,” Ambika shared. “I’m grateful beyond belief, but it’s still a huge adjustment letting the whole world in like this.”

By making her mental health a top priority, the rising it-girl has been able to embrace the Emma Morley backlash with poise, perspective, and plenty of self-love.

TheValue of an Open Mindset

While Mod could easily fall into the trap of insecurity or lashing out at her critics, her willingness to hear them out with an open mind is actually quite refreshing for a Hollywood newcomer.

We’ve all seen the stories of young stars crumbling under the pressures of fame and inability to handle feedback. But by leaning into therapy’s guidance, Ambika seems to have developed a level of self-awareness and grounding that’s all too rare in her spotlight-shunned industry.

“My therapist reminds me that every role will be interpreted differently based on the viewer’s own experiences and perspectives,” she explained. “I can’t take the criticism personally because Emma simply won’t vibe with everyone’s tastes – and that’s okay!”

For the book lovers who raised Emma Morley up as a literary favorite, it’s understandable they may have had a very specific vision for that character’s essence. Mod seems to grasp that her fresh interpretation won’t land the same way universally.

An Empowering Mindset for Artists

In an industry that places tremendous emphasis on relatability and being “likable,” Ambika’s stance is honestly quite progressive and empowering, especially for multi-faceted artists.

All too often, creatives – especially women – face immense pressure to filter themselves into a packaged version the public will easily digest. But by validating her authentic self, flaws and all, Mod is modeling the importance of developing a strong sense of artistry.

“As a storyteller, I have to make daring choices and trust my instincts on set,” Ambika asserted. “Not every swing is going to be a home run. But I’ll never grow as an actress if I don’t take risks and let the critics’ voices roll off my back.”

For those reasons and more, we have to hand it to this rising talent for taking the high road amid the intense scrutiny around her breakout role. By prioritizing her well-being and maintaining an open outlook, she’s showing a level of maturity and security that should inspire artists of all ages.

The Staying Power of a Rising Star

Of course, Ambika’s thoughtful handling of the Emma Morley criticism is just one facet of what makes her a talent to watch closely in the coming years. Her poise and authenticity have been on full display throughout One Day’s global promotional run.

From rocking avant-garde fashion on the red carpet to engaging interviewers with her warm charisma, Mod has the “It Factor” in spades – without losing her refreshing sense of humility and realness.

While the harsh criticism certainly stung, this rising star’s ability to stay grounded and focused on growth displays the type of resilience needed to go the distance in Hollywood. As long as she leans into good therapy and addresses her mental health, we have a feeling Ambika’s shine will only brighten from here.

Honestly, we can’t get enough of her raw candor and openness! In an industry often plagued with vapid personalities, Ambika Mod feels like a true breath of fresh air – complexities, flaws, and all. She may not vibe with every viewer, but those qualities are exactly what will make her a talent to watch closely in the years ahead.

So bring on more daring performances, healthy mindsets, and inspirational guidance from good therapy! We’ll be cheering as this grounded gem continues using her delightfully outspoken voice to uplift the conversations around mental health, artistry, and celebrating one’s unique self in the entertainment sphere.

Get ready for much more from Ambika Mod – the criticism she can handle, but her meteoric rise is just getting started!

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