“No comment” – Damian Lillard ducks addressing GloRilla shooting her shot at Bucks’ star after NBA All-Star game

Lillard and the GloRilla incident at the NBA All-Star weekend

OMG, did you hear the PIPING hot tea about Damian Lillard, dolls? 👂🔥 This All-Star break was one for the books and Portland’s prize point guard found himself smack dab in the middle of the drama!

Let’s rewind to the weekend’s biggest party in Salt Lake City – the swanky Vivint Arena hosting the annual NBA All-Star celebrations. The who’s who of entertainment and athletics gathered to pop bottles and watch performances by the hottest acts like 21 Savage, Post Malone, and none other than rap’s latest “it” girl, GloRilla.

But just as the “Tomorrow 2” rapper took the stage, chaos erupted when GloRilla’s entourage allegedly got into a heated clash near the VIP room. Witnesses claim they heard gunshots ring out as terrified partygoers scrambled for cover! 🔫😨

At the center of this mess? Damian Lillard himself, was reportedly in the VIP area when the incident went down. When the smoke cleared, GloRilla’s bestie and tour manager were cuffed for felony charges related to the weapon discharge.

You’d think with gunfire erupting just feet away, Dame would be shaken, right? But when reporters tried to get deets from the NBA superstar, he gave them a cold shoulder fiercer than his killer crossover!

When asked directly about the scary situation, Lillard shut it down with a firm “No comment.” Not a peep, not a whisper – the man zipped those lips tighter than Kylie’s before a public outing!

So what’s the deal – is Dame just playing it safe by not fanning the flames of an ongoing legal investigation? Or could he be protecting his rumored flames, GloRilla herself? 👀

Eyewitnesses insist Dame and the Memphis rapper have been cozy lately. They were spotted getting ultra handsy and flirty at a pre-All-Star bash hosted by none other than Drake. Could this incident have been a jealous, bitter brawl gone wrong?

Or maybe Dame is just trying to steer clear of any more bad press after those persistent rumors about him wanting a trade out of Portland. A shooting scandal is definitely not going to help his case to stay a beloved court icon in Rip City!

Whatever the reason, Dame’s silence is only fueling more speculation and side-eye from fans and critics alike. The Internet is eating him alive over his lack of transparency:

“If he wasn’t involved then why not just say that? Shady AF.” 👀

“Damian has been hanging around too many rappers and it’s showing with the cavalier attitude.”

“Just another example of the double standard. If it was a female athlete there’d be no end to the scrutiny and slut-shaming.”

Ouch, those Lillard loyalists are not holding back! But can you really blame people for wanting answers when gunfire literally went off just feet away from one of the biggest names in sports?

Of course, this isn’t the first time a rapper’s crew has gotten unruly and caused a scene. Remember when Quavo and his posse went ballistic on the Vegas grounds crew after a playoff game? Or Jack Harlow’s DJ catching a beating outside a Richmond club? Rappers and their squads stay finding themselves in some hot water!

But perhaps no rappers found themselves under a brighter spotlight this year than GloRilla. The breakout star’s raunchy lyrics and head-turning looks have landed her on every “It Girl” list in the game. And of course, where there’s rising fame and attention, the gossip follows shortly after!

Just last month, GloRilla had to shut down rumors about an alleged fling with her “Tour Life” collaborator Cardi B. Then there was that whole debacle with Ye calling her out for her racy lyrics. Now gunshots at All-Star? Shawty is living life in the fast lane for sure!

While she’s stayed tight-lipped on the Lillard dating whispers, the rapper did take a moment to address the shooting incident with a brief statement:

“I’m grateful that nobody was injured and for the quick response of the venue’s security staff. But at this time, I just want to refocus my energy on delivering for my fans on the upcoming tour.”

A clean, PR-approved response if we’ve ever seen one! But does it really give us any answers on what exactly sparked the mayhem? We’re gonna need more deets than that, sis!

As for Damian, he seems content just letting the rumors swirl and fritter away on their own. He’s kept a low profile since the All-Star fracas, staying off social media and keeping his head down as the Trail Blazers try to stay afloat in the playoff race.

But you can bet this story is far from over! The Internet is a cruel, cruel mistress and it won’t let this shooting+dating gossip go until it gets some hard facts. Is Dame really mixing it up with GloRilla behind the scenes? Was there some jealousy-fueled beef that led to the gunplay? Or is this just another case of rappers and athletes running in the same circles, keeping it a little too real?

One thing’s for sure – the second half of the NBA season just got a whole lot spicier. Buckle up for even more twists, turns, and “he said, she said” around this juicy rumor! You know us at Gossip Galore will be watching closely and reporting back every seedy detail. Get your popcorn ready, dolls, it’s about to go down!

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