Shark Tank India 3: Pitcher who burnt his certificates after being rejected for peon job gets valuation of Rs 4 crore for taxi business

Dilkhush Kumar: From Peon Rejection to Rs 4 Crore Investment on Shark Tank India

Bihar Entrepreneur Makes Headlines with Grit and Resourcefulness

Dilkhush Kumar, a young man from Bihar, captured the hearts and minds of Shark Tank India judges with his inspiring story and innovative taxi service app, RodBez. Here’s a closer look at his journey:

Facing Adversity, Finding Opportunity:

  • Married young at 16, Dilkhush took on the responsibility of supporting his family.
  • A job interview rejection for a peon position due to a lack of brand recognition became a turning point.
  • Determined to chart his own path, he burned his certificates and embarked on an entrepreneurial journey.

From Driver to Businessman:

  • Starting as a driver, Dilkhush gained valuable experience and honed his business acumen.
  • His first venture earned him a commendable Rs 8 lakh in commission, fueling further ambition.

Birth of RodBez: Taxi App with Local Touch:

  • Dilkhush identified a gap in Bihar’s transportation sector and developed RodBez, a taxi service app tailored to the region.
  • Demonstrating remarkable resourcefulness, he even mastered app design by learning to code on YouTube.

Impressing the Sharks:

  • Dilkhush’s clarity of vision, resilience, and “jugaad” approach resonated with the judges, particularly Ritesh Agarwal of OYO Rooms.
  • He secured a coveted investment of Rs 4 crore, a testament to his potential and the viability of his idea.

Beyond the Deal:

  • Dilkhush’s story transcends the investment itself. It’s a powerful message of overcoming adversity, self-belief, and achieving success through determination and resourcefulness.
  • His journey serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs across India, showcasing the potential for innovation and growth even in underserved markets.

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