Top 7 High CPC AI Proof Blogging Niche Ideas 2024

It’s the era of AI, and numerous blogging niches are being replaced by it. In this scenario, if you want to blog in the future and safeguard yourself from AI, you need a niche that AI cannot easily replace. That’s why we are sharing 7 high CPC AI-proof blogging niche ideas here. These are niches where AI falls short, so if you want to engage in AI-proof blogging, read the entire blog because there is an offer for you at the end.

To benefit from this offer, you need to choose one niche from these 7 AI-proof blogging niches, and then the offer provided in this blog could be advantageous for you. So, without delay, let’s explore the complete list.

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AI Proof Blogging Niche
Top 7 High CPC AI Proof Blogging Niche Ideas 2024 24

If you have used ChatGPT and Google’s BARD, you would know that these AI tools provide answers to all your questions in a matter of seconds. Google has even integrated AI with its search engine, allowing users to obtain answers through featured snippets without visiting any articles.

This has led people to believe that blogging is now dead because even Google is supporting AI. However, today, I am going to talk to you about niches that AI cannot disrupt in the future. So, let’s begin the post and explore niches that AI cannot mess with.

1.) AI Based Blog

Since the advent of AI, various job opportunities have emerged, and similarly, in blogging, several AI-related niches have gained popularity. If you start a blog on AI today, you can begin earning money from your blog within three to four months.

AI is still relatively new in the market, and in the future, we can expect the launch of various AI tools and software. If you create a blog in Hindi, English, or any other language that provides updates related to AI, your blog will quickly gain ranking. The best part is that AI is a high CPC niche, so even if your blog receives moderate traffic, you can still generate substantial income.


ai niche website example

Website Age:

website age

Website Traffic:

Ai niche website traffic

2.) Finance Based Blog

Whenever the topic of Finance or the Stock Market comes up, many say that there is intense competition in this industry. However, this is not entirely accurate. I say this because in Finance, Business, and the Stock Market, there are constant changes, and working on trending topics can significantly increase the likelihood of ranking on Google.

Creating a blog on Finance topics will keep you safe from AI because the Stock Market undergoes continuous changes. In India, only about 7% of the population invests in the stock market. As more people become aware of the Stock Market and its future, the traffic to such topics will increase. Therefore, you can confidently create a blog on Finance.

Every day, thousands of people are interested in topics like Share Price Targets, Chart Analysis, Trading, Investing, and Fundamental Analysis in the Stock Market. These topics attract billions in volume, and since Finance is a high CPC niche, the potential for earning is also substantial.


finance niche website example

Domain Age:

Finance blog domain age

Finance Blog Niche Traffic Report:

Finance blog traffic report

3.) News Blog

Don’t be alarmed when you hear about News Blogs because we all know that there are numerous individuals publishing hundreds of news articles on the internet, attracting traffic of more than 100 million every month. Your initial concern might be about who will read your blog, and that’s a valid question.

However, what you might not know is that there are many bloggers in the blogging industry who have established successful News Blogs, attracting traffic in the millions every month. There are tutorials available on platforms like the Satish K Videos YouTube channel, providing a complete guide on how to create a News Blog, which you can watch by clicking here.

For a News Blog, the key to gaining substantial traffic is to get discovered. If you manage to get your website featured on platforms like Google Discover, you can expect daily traffic in the millions. News is a constant stream, and writing on this topic will never run out of demand. Moreover, AI is unlikely to disrupt this niche.

Getting featured on Google Discover can lead to significant traffic, bringing in millions of visitors to your website daily. As you already know, news is a constant and daily phenomenon. Therefore, there won’t be any shortage of topics to write about in this niche, and AI is unlikely to disrupt the News Blogging niche.


News Blog Example

News Blog Domain Age:

taazatime domain age

News Blog Traffic Report

Taaza time traffic report

4.) Movies, Web Series & Anime Reviews

In this list of AI-proof blogging niches, Movies & Web Series Reviews are placed in the fourth position. It’s not that there is less traffic in this industry compared to the niches mentioned above. Despite earning slightly less in comparison, due to the immense traffic, you can still make a substantial income.

Every day, numerous movies, web series, and anime are released. If you cover related topics like reviews, release dates, cast details, etc., on your blog, you can attract significant traffic to a new blog in a short period. As movies and web series are trending topics, AI is unlikely to disrupt this niche.

Example: Wateraidindia

Movie niche blog example

Movie Niche Blog Domain Age:

movie niche blog domain age

Movie Niche Blog Traffic Report

movie niche blog traffic report

5.) Exam & Result

The “Exam & Result” niche is one that not even AI can disrupt, let alone large websites. I say this because as long as the education system exists, updates related to exams and results will continue to be relevant. As you know, working on new trending topics can quickly boost the ranking of a new blog.

“Exam & Result” falls into those blogging niches where Google search alone brings in traffic in the millions, and with traffic from Google Discover, you can make substantial earnings. Although the CPC in this sector might be slightly lower, the high volume of traffic, coupled with it being an AI-proof niche, provides a sense of security for bloggers to work confidently in this domain.

Result and exam niche blog example

Result and Exam Niche Domain Age:

exam and result niche domain age

Result and Exam Niche Traffic Report:

result and exam niche traffic report

6.) Sarkari Yojana

If you want to start blogging but are not confident in your writing skills, you can still earn significant income by creating a blog in the “Sarkari Yojana” (Government Scheme) niche. This is because almost all government schemes follow a similar format, and the government regularly updates new information related to various schemes, ensuring a constant flow of fresh topics for your blog.

Several websites in the blogging industry are already working on Government Schemes, attracting millions of traffic every month. If you want to work in this sector, always focus on new topics. Having worked in this industry myself, I can assure you that if you publish two to three articles on your blog every day, you may start seeing positive results within 3 to 4 months.

Bihar Help website

Bihar Help Domain Age:

Bihar help domain age

Bihar Help Traffic Report:

Bihar Help Traffic report

7.) Sports / Fantasy

If you have an interest in cricket, sports, and Fantasy App reviews, you can create a blog on this topic. Sports and Fantasy leagues are legal in India, so you can confidently work on this topic. It is a high CPC niche, especially during the IPL season when Fantasy App ads are prevalent. YouTubers and bloggers working on sports and fantasy content during this period often earn millions.

The best part of this industry is that it offers good earnings not only through Google Ads but also through sponsorships and referrals. While there is some competition in this niche, working on new and unique topics can lead to significant growth. Additionally, this industry is considered AI-safe.


Fantasy gully website traffic report

Domain Age:

fantasy gully domain age

Traffic Report:

fantasy gully traffic report

These are the 7 AI-proof niches where AI currently cannot do anything. If you choose any of these topics to create a new blog, you don’t need to fear AI. Along with this information about AI-proof blogging niches, there is also a special offer for you.

We hope that the information provided about AI-proof blogging niches has given you ideas on how to create a blog in niches that are resistant to AI. Share this post on social media so that more people can learn about AI-proof blog ideas.

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