10 Hidden Gems to Discover in Ayodhya

Exploring Ayodhya is like stepping into a timeless tale. While famous spots like the Ram Janmabhoomi temple and Hanuman Garhi are popular, there are many lesser-known treasures worth discovering. 

 Near Naya Ghat, you'll find the peaceful Guptar Ghat. This spot, made of local grey sandstone with beautiful carvings, is where Lord Rama is said to have departed the earth. It's a serene place for a reflective dip in the river.

1. Guptar Ghat: Mystical Serenity

The Tulsi Museum in Ramkot brings to life the 16th-century poet Tulsidas, who wrote the Ramcharitmanas. This museum showcases his works and offers insights into his life, making it a must-visit for literature lovers.

2. Tulsi Smarak Bhawan: Poet's Legacy

Hidden from the bustling city, Gulab Bari is a tranquil garden on Hospital Road. This beautiful rose garden was a retreat for the nobility of Awadh, offering a glimpse into their opulent lifestyle.

3. Gulab Bari: Floral Elegance

Discover the ruins of Dashrath Mahal in the Savaiyan Jarial forests. These ancient remnants hint at the grandeur of royal palaces from bygone eras, perfect for history enthusiasts and adventurers.

4. Dashrath Mahal: Ancient Royalty

Beyond the well-known Naya Ghat, Ram ki Paidi offers peaceful bathing steps along the Sarayu river. Early mornings see devotees performing rituals, and the evening Ganga Aarti turns the riverbank into a magical spectacle.

5. Ram ki Paidi: Riverside Blessings

Perched on a hilltop near Kanak Bhawan, Hanuman Garhi offers breathtaking views and rich spiritual history. This complex of shrines and caves is linked to legends from the Ramayana, making it a fascinating visit.

6. Hanuman Garhi: Mythic Vistas

Tucked behind busy spice markets, Kanak Bhawan Temple celebrates the love of Krishna and Radha. This beautiful temple, adorned with vivid paintings and statues from Vrindavan, is a hidden spiritual retreat.

7. Kanak Bhawan Temple: Divine Love

This quaint lake, surrounded by wooded hills, is a perfect picnic spot. Local legends say it's the birthplace of Luv and Kush, the sons of Lord Rama, adding a mythical charm to this peaceful area.

8. Kshirsagar Lake: Eco-Spiritual Delight

Near Saket Degree College, the Raj Sadan Palace stands hidden behind modern buildings. Its grand sandstone portals and white-washed ramparts offer a glimpse into Ayodhya's regal past.

9. Raj Sadan Palace: Regal Splendor

Nestled in vibrant bylanes, the Chhoti Devkali Mandir honors the feminine force. This charming shrine, often overlooked by tourists, is a colorful and spiritual haven celebrating the goddess Devi.

10. Chhoti Devkali Mandir: Celebrating the Feminine

Exploring these hidden gems in Ayodhya can enrich your visit with unique experiences and a deeper connection to the city's rich heritage.

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