10 Points on Christmas Tree

1) A Christmas tree is a tall, green coniferous tree with its tip pointing towards the sky.

2) These trees, such as spruce, fir, or pine, get adorned with colorful lights, candles, candies, and a variety of ornaments and toys.

3) It typically takes about 4 to 6 years for fir or pine trees to grow to a height of 6 to 7 feet, suitable for use as Christmas trees.

4) Wild trees used for Christmas trees are grown in all 45 states of America, including parts of Hawaii and Alaska.

5) Nearly 10,000 farms across America employ hundreds of thousands of people for the cultivation of Christmas trees, including fir, spruce, and pine varieties.

6) The top of the Christmas tree is often adorned with a large, shining star or a bright decorative ball.

7) Various types of cakes, like cone cupcakes, winter wonderland snowman cake, and jolly gingerbread cake, are tied to the Christmas tree with colorful ribbons.

8) Germany holds the distinction of being the first country to initiate the tradition of the Christmas tree.

9) In the past, candles were used to illuminate Christmas trees until the 17th century.

10) With the introduction of electricity, people began using bulbs to decorate Christmas trees, replacing candles for safety reasons.

10 Lines on Christmas Celebration