10 Points on Constitution of India

1) The Indian Constitution holds immense judicial significance within India.

2) It was adopted by the Constituent Assembly on November 26, 1949.

3) Notably, it stands as the longest written constitution globally.

4) The Constitution of India is dynamic, subject to amendments as needed.

5) Within its framework, India is declared a Sovereign, Socialist, and secular Republic.

6) Core principles like equality of opportunity and fraternity among citizens are enshrined within our constitution.

7) Many elements of the Indian Constitution draw inspiration from other constitutions worldwide.

8) Initially, the constitution comprised 395 Articles, 22 parts, and 8 schedules.

9) Upholding the principle of separation of powers, the Constitution ensures the judiciary remains independent from the legislative and executive branches.

10) The original constitution is safeguarded in helium-filled cases within the Parliament House.

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