10 Points on Darling River

1) The Darling River ranks as the third longest river in Australia.

2) It's part of the Murray-Darling River System, one of the world's largest.

3) Originating from various headstreams in the Great Dividing Range.

4) The primary source of the Darling River is typically considered to be the Severn River.

5) The regions through which the Darling River flows are often plains with relatively flat terrain.

6) Stretching for 3735 km in length, the Darling River covers a catchment area of 1,061,469 square km.

7) Flowing southwestward, the Darling River merges with the Murray River in New South Wales.

8) The Darling River's flow can vary seasonally, sometimes drying up or experiencing flooding.

9) Tributaries of the Darling River include the Balonne River, Macintyre River, and Macquarie River, among others.

10) Cities situated along the Darling River include Menindee, Wentworth, Louth, and Bourke.

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