10 Points on Dirty Politics

1) When politicians misuse their power for unlawful purposes, it's called Dirty Politics.

2) This term comes into play when a politician prioritizes personal gain over the welfare of society.

3) It's important to note that not all political activities are considered dirty politics.

4) Dirty politics exists within the political system, but it's practiced by only some individuals.

5) The lack of proper education often stems from the influence of dirty politics.

6) Dirty Politics is prevalent in countries that practice democracy.

7) One of the main causes of dirty politics is the lack of awareness among the public.

8) In India, people often vote for their representatives based on their caste rather than their qualifications.

9) Mixing religious matters with politics has contributed to the corruption of the political system.

10) Spreading rumors and false information is also a tactic used in dirty politics.

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