10 Points on Disease

1) Disease is when something goes wrong in our body, making it not work like it should.

2) It can happen because of something inside us or if germs get in through a cut or a wound.

3) Diseases can be split into two kinds: physical ones, which affect our body, and mental ones, which affect our mind.

4) They can make us feel pain, discomfort, or even stop our body from working properly, sometimes leading to death.

5) Diseases are either communicable, meaning they can spread from person to person, or non-communicable, which means they don't spread.

6) Communicable diseases spread through touch, air, or bug bites, like colds or flu.

7) Non-communicable diseases, like diabetes or heart issues, don't come from infections.

8) Pathology is the fancy word for studying diseases and how they work.

9) Diseases can come from infections, not eating right, or lots of other reasons.

10) An epidemic is when a contagious disease spreads really fast and affects a lot of people in a short time.

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