10 Points on Election Commission of India

1) The Election Commission of India is like the referee of elections in the country. It makes sure everything runs smoothly and fairly.

2) It's in charge of all kinds of elections, from picking members of Parliament to choosing the President and Vice President.

3) The Commission started its work on January 25, 1950, with the goal of making sure elections are honest and fair.

4) The people in the Commission are usually retired officers from the Indian Administrative or Revenue Services.

5) The Election Commission also keeps an eye out for any cheating or shady money stuff during election campaigns.

6) Sukumar Sen was the very first Chief Election Commissioner, serving from March 21, 1950, to December 19, 1958.

7) Smt. VS Ramadevi made history as the first woman Chief Election Commissioner, serving from November 26, 1990, to December 11, 1990.

8) The Election Commissioner and Chief Election Commissioner can work for up to 6 years or until they turn 65.

9) The Election Commission of India picks important officers like the Chief Electoral Officer and District Electoral Officer.

10) The Election Commission of India is super important for keeping democracy strong in India. They make sure elections are fair and everyone gets a fair shot.

10 Lines on Election Commission