10 Points on Father

1) Back in the 1990s, they used to host the Live Filmfare Awards Ceremony.

2) Then, around 2000, the Filmfare Awards made their debut on television, with SET and Sony Channel initially sponsoring the event, and it aired on SET.

3) But in 2018, sponsorship for the Filmfare Awards shifted to Colors channel, and now it's broadcasted on Colors.

4) Think of the Filmfare Awards as the Academy Awards for Bollywood.

5) The iconic Filmfare Statuette, a black lady in a dance pose, was designed by N.G. Pans.

6) Starting from 2013, they gave the trophy a 3-D makeover.

7) There are all sorts of award categories covering various nominations.

8) The Merit Category Awards include honors for Best Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress, and other artistic categories.

9) Then, there are the Critic's category Awards, recognizing the Best Film, Actor, and Actress based on critical assessment.

10) And don't forget about the Technical Awards, a special category highlighting excellence in technical aspects of filmmaking.

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