10 Points on Flag Code of India

1) The Flag Code of India is like a rulebook that tells us how to treat and show respect to our country's flag.

2) It was put together on January 26, 2002.

3) This code brings together all the rules and traditions we had before about the flag.

4) One important rule is that we're not allowed to use the national flag for making money.

5) The Flag Code is split into three parts.

6) The first part tells us all about our national flag - its colors, design, and what it represents.

7) Part two talks about how different places like schools, government buildings, and even our homes should display the flag.

8) Part three is all about how government offices and agencies should handle and show the flag.

9) The code also says that we should always treat the flag with respect and give it a special place wherever it's displayed.

10) And if someone breaks these rules, they could be fined or even go to jail for up to three years.

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