10 Points on Freedom of Speech

1) Freedom of speech means being able to share your thoughts, opinions, and ideas openly and without fear of being silenced or censored.

2) It's a fundamental part of democracy, allowing people to express themselves freely.

3) This freedom plays a crucial role in ensuring that democratic governments work effectively.

4) In India, freedom of speech and expression is enshrined in our fundamental rights.

5) It empowers us to criticize government policies and actions without worrying about repercussions.

6) Platforms like the press, electronic media, and social media provide avenues for exercising freedom of expression.

7) However, there are exceptions to freedom of speech that prevent any expression or attempt to undermine national integrity and security.

8) Freedom of speech also helps shape public opinion on political and social issues.

9) It allows us to voice our dissent and disagreement with government policies and decisions.

10) Ultimately, it serves as a tool for questioning the functioning of the political system, thus contributing to the maintenance of democracy.

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