10 Points on Garbage Pollution

1) Garbage refers to things that people don't need anymore and toss away outside. The mess created by this garbage is called garbage pollution.

2) Garbage pollution becomes a big problem when trash is regularly dumped in one spot without any proper system to collect and treat it.

3) Garbage pollution leads to soil, water, and air pollution.

4) Dumped garbage becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, and other tiny organisms.

5) These germs in the garbage can cause various diseases, posing a threat to our health.

6) Living in a clean and beautiful environment is essential for a healthy life, so we need to take effective steps to reduce garbage pollution.

7) Garbage pollution is a major environmental issue, but it can be reduced by using landfills, where large amounts of waste are buried in designated areas.

8) Another way to tackle garbage pollution is through combustion, where garbage is burned at high temperatures to turn it into gas.

9) Recycling is also a great way to cut down on garbage pollution. It involves turning trash into new products for reuse.

10) Everyone needs to do their part in fighting garbage pollution by properly disposing of their trash in garbage bins instead of littering.

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