10 Points on Role of Class Teacher

1) In every school, each class is assigned a class teacher.

2) The class teacher holds the overall responsibility for the well-being of that specific class.

3) Acting like the parents within the school, the class teacher nurtures and guides the students.

4) Providing quality education to all students in the class is a key role of the class teacher.

5) Ensuring a positive and conducive classroom environment is part of their duties.

6) The class teacher takes personal care of each student in the classroom.

7) Striving to make the classroom an interactive space is one of their goals.

8) Understanding and addressing the individual problems faced by students is a crucial aspect of their role.

9) A good class teacher ensures fairness and avoids any form of partiality in the classroom.

10) Instilling positive values in the students is a significant contribution of the class teacher to their overall development.

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