1. Database Developer

 Design, optimize, and manage efficient data storage systems.

2. Network/Cloud Engineer

Maintain and improve network and cloud infrastructure for businesses.

3. Software Engineer

Develop and test innovative software solutions for various applications.

4. Senior Web Developer 

Lead advanced web development projects, ensuring high-quality and functionality.

5. Network/Cloud Architect 

Design and implement scalable and secure network and cloud solutions.

6. ERP Integration Manager

Oversee seamless integration of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

7. Network Security Engineer

Safeguard networks from cyber threats, ensuring data protection and privacy.

8. IT Director 

Provide strategic leadership for IT initiatives and manage overall technology resources.

9. Help Desk Support Manager

Lead support teams to resolve technical issues and ensure user satisfaction.

10. Data Security Analyst 

Analyze and enhance data security measures, protecting sensitive information.