10 Ancient Indian Languages Still in Use Today

India is a melting pot of cultures, with people from all corners of the globe calling it home. 

This diversity reflects in the widespread use of languages like Hindi and English across the nation. 

With a population surpassing a billion, India is vast and accommodates numerous language groups. 

These languages vary greatly, each with its own distinct characteristics, cultural significance, and historical roots. 

Some Indian languages hold a prestigious status as classical languages, indicating a rich literary tradition that predates many others.

Sanskrit, dating back 7000 years, serves as a foundation for many Indian languages, with 38 million native speakers. It's recognized as a classical language and boasts a rich literary tradition.

1) Sanskrit (7000 years):

With origins dating back 5000 years, Tamil is a classical language spoken by 78 million people. It's renowned for its extensive literature and is one of the oldest languages still in use.

2) Tamil (5000 years):

Dating back 2000 years, Kannada is part of the Dravidian language family and boasts 38 million native speakers. It's celebrated for its rich literary heritage and historical significance.

3) Kannada (2000 years):

Telugu, existing for 1500–2000 years, is spoken by 50 million people and holds classical language status. It's widely used in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, with a rich literary tradition.

4) Telugu (1500–2000 years):

Originating 2000 years ago, Malayalam is spoken by 38 million people and is known for its presence in Kerala. It boasts a long history and a unique script derived from Brahmi.

5) Malayalam (2000 years):

With a history spanning 1500–2000 years, Marathi has 90 million native speakers. It's the official language of Maharashtra and is recognized for its cultural and linguistic diversity.

6) Marathi (1500–2000 years):

Odia, existing for 2000 years, has 48 million native speakers and is the official language of Odisha. It's part of the Eastern language family and boasts a distinct writing system.

7) Odia (2000 years):

Dating back 1500 years, Bengali is spoken by 230 million people and is known for its literary heritage. It's one of India's official languages and shares similarities with Hindi and Marathi.

8) Bengali (1500 years):

Originating 1000 years ago, Gujarati is spoken in Gujarat and other regions, boasting a rich linguistic history. It's part of the Indo-European family and reflects diverse cultural influences.

9) Gujarati (1000 years):

With a history of 1000 years, Hindi is India's national language, spoken by 422 million people. It serves as a foundation for North Indian languages and is widely used across the country.

10) Hindi (1000 years):

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