7 Foods That Are Banned Foods In India

India takes food safety seriously to keep people healthy. While we love our food, some items have been banned by the Food Safety and Standards Association of India (FSSAI) for different reasons like health risks, harming the environment, or cultural issues. 

Here's a list of 7 foods banned in India, why they're banned, and what it means for people who consume them.

China's dairy products, including infant formula, got the boot in 2008 after a string of food safety scandals. Contaminants like melamine, a harmful chemical used to fake protein content, were found, posing serious health threats.

1. Chinese Milk and Milk Products:

India's put the brakes on genetically modified crops and foods due to worries about environmental harm, biodiversity loss, and health risks. While some GM crops like Bt cotton are okayed, GM foods face tough scrutiny.

2. Genetically Modified (GM) Food:

In 2016, potassium bromate, a dough enhancer linked to cancer risks, got axed from bread and baked goods. Studies showed it upped the odds of cancer, especially thyroid cancer, prompting regulators to pull the plug.

3. Potassium Bromate:

India gave the thumbs-down to chemicals like calcium carbide and ethylene gas used to ripen fruits artificially. They posed health risks, with calcium carbide releasing a carcinogen during fruit ripening.

4. Artificial Fruit Ripeners:

Foie gras got the boot in 2014 due to ethical worries about how it's made. Force-feeding ducks or geese to fatten their livers was deemed cruel, reflecting India's stance on ethical treatment of animals.

5. Foie Gras:

Sassafras oil was banned in 2003 because of its high erucic acid levels, linked to heart disease risks. The ban aimed to shield consumers from potential heart health issues.

6. Sassafras Oil:

Imported Chinese garlic was barred in 2019 after high pesticide levels were found. Pesticide residues above safety limits raised serious health concerns for consumers.

7. Chinese Garlic:

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