Asia's largest Jewar airport in UP, 75% work done

 Progress Update:

The Jewar airport in Uttar Pradesh is nearly 75% complete, positioning itself as Asia's largest airport. 

Operational Timeline:

Services are expected to commence within the next 2-3 months.

Recent Review:

A recent meeting in Lucknow reviewed the status of the Jewar airport, which is anticipated to rank as the fourth-largest globally.

Financial Details: 

A budget of Rs 10,000 crore was allocated for the initial phase, with approximately Rs 7,371 crore already expended.

Construction Milestones:

Crucial infrastructure like runways and Air Traffic Control (ATC) systems are ready for operation.

Flight Capacity: 

With completion nearing, the airport is set to handle 50 flights daily.

Stakeholder Involvement:

High-ranking officials and key stakeholders, including the Industrial Development Minister and Civil Aviation Department's Additional Chief Secretary, participated in the review meeting.

Terminal Progress:

Terminal construction is in its final stages, with plans to install radars by July to facilitate radar-assisted flights.

Future Plans:

Following the completion of the current phase, the next construction phase is expected to commence shortly.

Operational Directives:

Long-distance flight directives are slated to be implemented from April 25 onward, marking a significant milestone in the airport's journey to operation.

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