Top Attractions In Mussoorie Not To Be Missed

Nestled in the Garhwal Himalayan foothills, Mussoorie is a charming hill station in Uttarakhand, known for its lush green hills, colonial landmarks, and stunning mountain views. 

From scenic walks to cultural spots, here are nine attractions in Mussoorie you shouldn't miss.

Once a gun battery during colonial times, Gun Hill offers breathtaking views of the Doon Valley. Ride the ropeway to see the snow-capped Bandarpunch ranges and the Yamuna River below. 

1. Gun Hill:

Kempty Falls, cascading from a height of 40 feet, is a mesmerizing sight surrounded by lush greenery. Formed by melting glaciers, it offers refreshing splash pools perfect for a bath.

2. Kempty Falls:

A stroll down the 1.5 km Mall Road, from Library Bazaar to Picture Palace, is a must. Lined with restaurants, hotels, and shops, it's a vibrant spot for buying souvenirs, enjoying street food, and watching the sunset over Doon Valley from Gandhi Chowk.

3. Mussoorie Mall Road:

Named for its camel-hump shaped rocky outcrop, Camel's Back Road offers stunning views and a tranquil 3 km walk. Starting at Kulri Bazaar and ending at Library Point, it's perfect for jogging or a leisurely stroll amid thick deodar forests.

4. Camel's Back Road:

At 2,275 meters, Lal Tibba in Landour is the highest point in Mussoorie, offering panoramic views of the Himalayan ranges. On clear days, you can see peaks like Bandarpunch and Badrinath. Visit early for sunrise or after sunset to see the lights twinkling over Doon Valley.

5. Lal Tibba:

A quieter spot, Jharipani Falls is 7 km from Mussoorie in Jharipani Village. The waterfall, plunging 115 feet, is perfect for a peaceful forest stroll. Enjoy the serene scenery and take photos of the waterfall emerging from a moss-covered cave.

6. Jharipani Falls:

Located northeast of Hathipaon, Cloud's End feels like the edge of the world with its mountainous woodland setting. Surrounded by oak and deodar forests, it's a paradise for nature lovers.

7. Cloud's End:

Dating back to 1835, Christ Church is Mussoorie's second oldest church, featuring a Gothic-style façade and spire. Inside, you'll find beautiful Belgian stained glass panels and 1859 Italian mosaics. 

8. Christ Church:

Visit Park Estate, the former home of 19th-century Welsh geographer Sir George Everest. Situated at 6,000 feet, this scenic spot offers views of Doon Valley and commemorates Everest's work on the Great Trigonometric Survey of India.

9. Sir George Everest House:

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