'Beverly Hills Cop' Judge Reinhold says 'executive murder plot' crushed career

Judge Reinhold, known for his role alongside Eddie Murphy in the "Beverly Hills Cop" series, recently opened up about what he believes hindered his career.

The 67-year-old actor shared with Vanity Fair that his attempt to break out as a leading man in the 1988 film "Vice Versa" was sabotaged by what he called an "executive murder plot." 

He explained that the movie, a body-swap comedy with Fred Savage, was overshadowed at the box office by similar films and internal moves by David Puttnam, the former CEO of Columbia Pictures.

Reinhold stated, "David Puttnam, who produced 'Chariots of Fire,' became the head of Columbia Pictures. We admired him for his creativity and indie background. 

But he aimed to lower lead actors' pay while boosting back-end profits. I believed in his vision, but he wasn't CEO long enough to prove it."

"Vice Versa," about a father and son who swap bodies due to a magical Tibetan skull, released during a flood of similar films, such as "Like Father Like Son" (1987) and "Big" (1988). 

Reinhold noted, "Tri-Star Pictures rushed 'Like Father Like Son' into production while we were already shooting 'Vice Versa,' and both companies were owned by Coca-Cola. I knew it was risky to be part of a trend, but I didn't expect the competition."

Despite this setback, Reinhold continued to work, appearing in "The Santa Clause" series and guest-starring on shows like "Ellen," "Monk," and "Arrested Development." He also remained a fixture in the "Beverly Hills Cop" franchise, starring in every installment, including a 2013 TV movie.

Reinhold is set to reprise his role as Billy Rosewood in Netflix's upcoming "Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley," premiering on July 3. 

The original "Beverly Hills Cop" launched in 1984 and made Eddie Murphy a superstar. The buddy-cop action comedy, which featured Murphy as a street-smart detective from Detroit solving crimes in California, spawned two sequels with the same beloved cast.

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