1. CoRover.ai introduces BharatGPT, India's inaugural Large Language Model, revolutionizing Conversational AI.

2. BharatGPT excels in extensive language integration, supporting 12 spoken and 22 written Indian languages.

3. Collaboration with BHASHNI sees CEO Amitabh Nag expressing enthusiasm for BharatGPT’s scalability.

4. CoRover.ai integrates BharatGPT, enhancing its Conversational AI platform for developers and business users.

5. Notable features include data sovereignty, tight integration, real-time transaction APIs, and Aadhar-based authentication for KYC.

6. The platform offers a comprehensive suite with dialogue management, analytics, speech-to-text, and sentiment analysis.

7. Abhishek Singh, CEO of NeGD and DIC, praises BharatGPT as a catalyst for technological empowerment.

8. BharatGPT seamlessly integrates with voice and text, addressing language diversity challenges in India.

9. This revolutionary model transforms AI interactions across 22 Indian languages, setting a new standard.

10. BharatGPT's potential impact on Conversational AI positions India as a leader in AI technology.