Employers Want People with the Right Skills

As the work world keeps changing, so do the skills needed for different jobs. Nowadays, mid-career and senior-level positions require more than just degrees and experience. Employers are looking for a mix of the right skills.

“In today’s fast-paced work environment, having the right skills is key to growth. But for team management and decision-making, experience is also crucial.”

Sriram N, COO of Prodapt, which hires specialists for AI and machine learning solutions, says that mid- and senior-level professionals need to show not just expertise but also innovation and the ability to adapt to changing conditions.

Creating accurate models for structured data to drive analytics.

Prodapt looks for skills like:

Data modeling:

 Building models to analyze text and visuals, understand customer behavior, and provide recommendations.

Unstructured data management:

Using tools like prompt engineering and code suggesters to boost productivity.

Knowledge of generative AI tools:

Developing AI frameworks that enhance generative AI models to produce more valuable and relevant responses.

Retrieval augmented generation (RAG):

Improving AI models for specific domains to deliver high-quality output.

Domain-specific fine-tuning of generative AI models: 

Creating large, compute-intensive neural networks for industries like communications, retail, or banking.

LLM development from scratch:

Co-Founder and Director of Kognoz, emphasizes, “Skills are the new currency in the job market. Employees need to continuously improve their skills for better career opportunities.”

Nigam shares that Kognoz recently revamped job structures for 150,000 roles, shifting the focus from experience to skills. They did a similar project for a tech giant with 400,000 employees, making skills the primary factor in job roles and talent evaluation.

Nigam also points out that the rise of advanced AI tools will further highlight the importance of skills in the job market.

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