Five Quick Facts About Australian Native Bees and How You Can Help Them on World Bee Day

Bees are essential for flowers, honey, and the vast array of produce we enjoy. 

On World Bee Day, experts share insights with the ABC about identifying native bees and how technology is enhancing our understanding of these crucial pollinators. 

Alan Dorin from Monash University notes that there are about 20,000 species of bees worldwide, including around 2,000 native species in Australia. 

1. Spotting Native Bees:

Unlike the familiar honey bee, many native bees don't make honey and most are stingless.

Caitlyn Forster from the University of Sydney highlights the blue-banded bee and teddy bear bee, known for their distinct buzzing sound due to buzz pollination.

Native stingless bees are small, black, and resemble flies or ants, often living underground alone.

The first varroa mite case in Australia was reported in Newcastle in June 2022.

2. Impact of Varroa Mite:

Varroa mites mainly affect European honey bees by spreading viruses that impair their flying ability. Native bees have survived for millions of years without honey bees and are less affected by varroa mites, continuing to be valuable pollinators.

Advances in monitoring and AI are enhancing bee research.

3. Technology Assisting Bees:

Alan Dorin explains that simulations help track pollination behaviors and predict bee reactions in various conditions. - Technology also reveals bees' unique vision, including their ability to see UV patterns on flowers, aiding their pollination efficiency.

About 75% of crops rely on pollination, making bees vital for food security.

4. Declining Bee Populations:

Native pollinators like hoverflies are also crucial, especially in autumn. More research is needed to understand the specific roles of native pollinators in agriculture, as there is limited data on their populations and impact.

Supporting bees is simple, especially for gardeners.

5. How You Can Help Bees:

Plant a variety of flowers in your garden. Reduce reliance on pesticides to create a bee-friendly environment.

On World Bee Day, take a moment to appreciate the incredible role bees play in our ecosystem and consider how you can contribute to their protection and conservation.

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