Funniest english words in the world

Here are 15 English words that some might find amusing, along with a brief explanation

1. Brouhaha:

A noisy and overexcited reaction or response to something.

2. Flibbertigibbet:

 A frivolous, flighty, or excessively talkative person.

3. Lollygag:

To spend time aimlessly; to dawdle or be lazy.

4. Nincompoop:

A foolish or silly person, someone lacking common sense.

5. Bamboozle:

To deceive or trick someone, often in a playful or humorous way.

6. Discombobulate:

To confuse or disconcert; to upset or frustrate.

7. Gobbledygook:

Language that is meaningless or hard to understand, often jargon or technical language.

8. Snollygoster:

 A shrewd, unprincipled person, especially a politician.

9. Quizzaciously:

 In a mocking or teasing manner; playfully asking questions.

10. Kerfuffle:

A commotion or fuss, typically caused by a disagreement or misunderstanding.

11. Shenanigans:

 Playful, mischievous, or deceitful behavior; pranks or tricks.

12. Waddle:

To walk with short steps and a swaying motion, like a duck.

13. Gargle:

The sound produced when liquid is being poured out of a bottle, often humorously applied to human speech.

14. Snicker-snack:

A whimsical term used to describe the sound of a sharp, snapping noise.

15. Blubber:

To cry noisily or uncontrollably; also refers to the fat layer of marine animals.

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