Haley loses Republican Nevada primary

1. Nikki Haley's Nevada Defeat: The former U.S. Ambassador faced a significant setback in the Republican primary, trailing behind ballots marked "none of these candidates."

2. Last Rival to Trump: Haley, the sole major Republican candidate in Nevada's primary, was the final contender challenging Trump for the Republican presidential nomination.

3. Biden's Democratic Victory: Meanwhile, President Joe Biden secured an easy win in Nevada's Democratic primary with a commanding 90% support, reinforcing his position as the Democratic frontrunner.

4. Trump's Delegates: Former President Trump, not participating in the primary, is set to secure all of Nevada's delegates in a separate caucus, bringing him closer to clinching the Republican nomination.

5. Haley's Resistance: Despite the embarrassing defeat, Haley refused to drop out of the Republican nominating contest, sparking tension with Trump supporters.

6. Trump's Thursday Victory: The Thursday caucus, managed by the Trump-friendly state party, virtually guarantees Trump victory and all 26 delegates to the Republican National Convention.

7. Conflicting Republican Ballots: A conflict between the state Republican Party and a 2021 law mandating a primary resulted in competing Republican ballots—primary on Tuesday and caucus on Thursday.

8. Haley's Path Forward: Vowing to stay in the race, Haley faces an uphill battle with no clear path to the nomination, trailing Trump significantly in South Carolina, her home state.

9. Biden Targets Trump: After securing victory, Biden swiftly turned his focus to Trump, accusing him of dividing the nation and trying to lead it backward.

10. Nevada's Political Significance: Despite minimal impact on the nominating contests, Nevada's battleground status and diverse population make it a crucial state in the upcoming November presidential election.