5 Health Benefits Of Adding Amla To Your Summer Diet

Adding Amla, also known as Indian gooseberry, to your summer diet can bring you a host of health benefits. 

This fruit, highly regarded in Ayurveda, packs a punch with its abundance of vitamin C, antioxidants, and other nutrients. 

Let's delve into five reasons why incorporating Amla into your summer eating routine is a smart choice.

Amla is a vitamin C powerhouse, essential for bolstering your immune system. It helps fortify your body's defenses against illnesses, aids in faster recovery from illnesses, and shields cells from free radical damage as a powerful antioxidant.

1. Immune System Booster:

According to Ayurveda, Amla has a cooling effect on the body, regulating body temperature and acting as an effective remedy for fever while boosting immunity.

2. Body Cooling Effect:

The fiber in Amla berries helps regulate bowel movements, potentially alleviating symptoms of conditions like irritable bowel syndrome. Its high vitamin C levels also facilitate the absorption of other nutrients, making it a beneficial addition to mineral supplements.

3. Digestive Aid: 

 Amla is packed with vitamin C and phenolics, potent antioxidant compounds that combat oxidative stress. Similar to turmeric, black pepper, and ginger, Amla's antioxidants have proven anti-inflammatory properties.

4. Antioxidant Powerhouse:

Amla nourishes hair follicles, strengthens roots, and prevents premature greying, promoting healthy, lustrous hair. Its antioxidant properties also benefit skin health.

5. Skin and Hair Health: 

You can incorporate Amla into your diet in various ways:

- Amla Juice: Mix fresh Amla with water for a refreshing, nutritious juice. Add honey or jaggery for sweetness.

- Amla Chutney: Blend Amla with mint, coriander, green chilies, and spices for a tangy chutney that pairs well with snacks.

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