Holi 2024: Non alcoholic drinks for this holi celebration

As we gear up for the vibrant festival of Holi, the excitement is palpable. Markets are bustling with colors, toys, and special treats for the occasion.

And what's Holi without some refreshing drinks to complement the festivities? 

While Thandai remains a classic choice, there's a whole array of beverages waiting to be savored if you're hosting a Holi gathering for friends and family.

A chilled concoction of milk, melon seeds, rose water, and nuts, Thandai is a quintessential Holi delight.


Give a desi twist to Thandai with gulkand, betel leaf, and a splash of vodka for that extra kick.

Paan Thandai:

Recharge after the festivities with this vegan delight made with almond milk, saffron, and dates.

Almond Milk Thandai:

A tangy fermented drink made with spices and frozen berries, offering a refreshing twist.

Berry Kanji:

A unique blend of carrots and beetroot, perfect for impressing your guests with its distinct flavor.


Treat your guests to a dark rum cocktail for an extravagant Holi celebration.

Rang Rasia:

Enjoy the classic Long Island Iced Tea infused with the flavors of Thandai for a rocking party.

LIIT Thandai:

This Holi, go beyond Thandai and experiment with these tantalizing drink options. Here's to a fun-filled and chilled-out Holi 2024.

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