International Tea Day 2024: Date, History, Significance, and How To Celebrate

International Tea Day 2024 is set to be celebrated on May 21. This day honors the contributions of the tea industry and promotes fair trade and investment in the sector. 

International Tea Day was first initiated in 2005 by trade unions, small tea growers, and civil society organizations in Asia and Africa. 

History of International Tea Day:

It aims to address the issues faced by tea workers, such as fair wages and prices for small producers. 

The International Tea Conference in New Delhi adopted a declaration on the rights of workers and small growers to highlight the need for fair competition, land ownership, and safety regulations.

International Tea Day is a reminder of the importance of protecting biodiversity and promoting environmental sustainability. 

Significance of International Tea Day:

It reflects on the progress made in the tea industry and highlights ongoing challenges. 

The day aims to raise awareness about the issues faced by tea workers and promote fair trade and investment. 

By supporting small farmers and sustainable practices, we can ensure a positive impact on the world.

Here are some fun ways to celebrate International Tea Day with friends and family.

How To Celebrate International Tea Day 2024:

Explore various tea varieties and find your favorite. Visit a café or try making different types of tea at home.

Try Different Teas:

Post about International Tea Day on social media. Share pictures of your tea to spread awareness about the event.

Share on Social Media: 

Invite friends over for a tea party at home. Serve different types of tea, relax, and enjoy each other's company.

Host a Tea Party:

These activities not only celebrate tea but also help raise awareness about the important issues in the tea industry.

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