Is Your Kid on Social Media? Talks Him About Safety 

More and more kids are hopping onto social media these days, and they're starting younger than ever. But how do we keep them safe?

Recent research shows that a whopping 38% of five-to-seven-year-olds are now using social media platforms like WhatsApp, TikTok, Instagram, and Discord. 

That's a big jump, considering these platforms typically require users to be at least 13 years old.

Not only that, but about a quarter of kids in this age group now own smartphones, and a whopping 76% are using tablets.

Now, some parents are having important chats with their young ones about staying safe online – about 76% of parents of five-to-seven-year-olds who use social media have talked to their kids about online safety.

But it's a tricky topic, and many parents aren't sure where to start. So, we've asked the experts for their tips on how to handle it.

Limit screen time, emphasize kindness, and set a positive example for your family's digital behavior.

Show respect online:

Understand features, set parental controls, and monitor their online activities.

Stay informed about apps your kids use:

Create a supportive environment for discussing online experiences, safety, and cyberbullying.

Foster open dialogue:

Social media can promote unrealistic beauty standards. Support your child if needed.

Be alert to body image issues:

Discuss privacy and the risks of sharing personal information online.

Set screen time limits:

Help kids evaluate online content and question what they see and read.

Teach critical thinking:

Use parental controls and check accounts regularly to ensure safe engagement.

Monitor online activity:

Teach kids how to respond and encourage them to speak up if they witness bullying.

Address cyberbullying:

Promote offline activities like hobbies and sports for a healthy digital lifestyle.

 Encourage balance: 

Educate kids about internet dangers like scams and predators.

Discuss online risks:

Create a supportive environment for discussing online concerns without judgment.

Foster communication:

Model responsible internet use and guide kids in using technology positively.

Lead by example:

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