Keep These 10 Fruits Out of the Fridge, Here's Why?

Let's talk about something you might not realize: refrigerating certain fruits can actually make them spoil faster. 

Here's a rundown of 10 fruits you should keep out of the fridge, along with why?

Putting bananas in the fridge can make their peels turn black and slow down ripening. They're better off chilling at room temperature.

1. Bananas: 

Keep unripe avocados at room temperature to let them ripen properly. Refrigerating them before they're ready can make them hard and bland.

2. Avocados: 

Storing melons at room temperature helps keep their antioxidants intact, while refrigeration can lessen their nutritional value.

3. Melons: 

Refrigerating peaches can make them lose their juicy texture and flavor. Once they're ripe, though, you can chill them for a few extra days.

4. Peaches: 

Putting mangoes in the fridge can mess with their flavor and texture. Plus, they might turn black due to a sensitivity to a gas called Ethylene oxide.

5. Mangoes: 

Butternut squash and pals are best kept at room temperature to keep their nutrients and taste intact.

6. Winter Squash: 

Refrigerating pineapples can turn them mushy and bland. Wait until they're ripe, then you can chill them for a bit to keep them fresh longer.

7. Pineapples: 

Let papayas ripen at room temperature for the best flavor and texture. Refrigerating them too soon can mess that up.

8. Papayas: 

Sticking cucumbers in the fridge can make them watery and spoil faster. They're good in there for just a couple of days.

9. Cucumbers: 

Tomatoes lose their yummy flavor and texture when they hit the fridge. Keep them at room temperature in paper bags for the best taste.

10. Tomatoes: 

So next time you're stocking up on fruits, remember: some are better off staying out of the chilly fridge!

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