Mother's Day 2024: Why do we celebrate Mother's Day?

Why do we celebrate Mother's Day? Well, it's a special day dedicated to honoring moms and showing them how much we appreciate everything they do for us. But how did this tradition begin?

The roots of Mother's Day go way back to ancient times, with evidence of people in places like Greece and Rome celebrating mothers. 

However, the modern version we know today started in the early 1900s, thanks to a woman named Anna Jarvis.

Anna's own mother was a peace activist who cared for soldiers during the Civil War. 

After her mother passed away, Anna wanted to create a day to honor not just her own mom, but all mothers. 

She campaigned tirelessly to establish Mother's Day as an official holiday, and by 1914, many states in the USA were celebrating it.

So, Mother's Day is a way for us to say a big "thank you" to moms everywhere for everything they do.

It's a chance to express our love and gratitude for all their hard work and sacrifices. 

Whether it's by making them breakfast in bed, giving them a handmade card, or simply spending quality time together, Mother's Day is all about showing Mom how much she means to us.

This Mother's Day, let's make sure to take the time to show our moms just how much we care.

With a little thought and effort, we can make it a day that she'll cherish forever.

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