10 Points on My Favourite Teacher

1) A teacher plays the crucial role of guiding students to acquire knowledge and values within a society.

2) My favorite teacher is Mr. S.P. Vishwakarma.

3) He teaches science to our class.

4) Mr. Vishwakarma is not only knowledgeable but also has a fun-loving and spiritual personality.

5) His nature is remarkably polite and friendly.

6) He places great importance on discipline and is consistently punctual for his lectures.

7) To make science concepts clearer, he often uses practical problems from everyday life.

8) Rather than memorizing scientific formulas, he prefers a hands-on approach to learning.

9) Mr. Vishwakarma pays special attention to students who might be struggling, ensuring that their concepts are well understood.

10) He consistently encourages us to participate in sports and engage in extracurricular activities.

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