Parenting tips: 5 facts about toddlerhood that every parent should be aware

Parenting toddlers comes with its challenges. They're full of energy and curiosity, but they struggle to communicate their feelings clearly. This means we often have to guess what they need.

It takes a heap of patience to decode their needs and respond appropriately. As parenting expert Devon Kuntzman puts it, parenting a toddler is tough, and no one gets it perfect.

There's no secret formula to make toddlers obey instantly, prevent messes, or keep calm. It's all about trial and error, learning as we go, and staying patient through the ups and downs.

Since they can't articulate their feelings well, we need patience to decipher their needs.

Toddlers Can't Always Express Themselves:

Toddlers crave our love and fear losing it, so gentleness is key in our interactions.

Emotional Dependence is High:

While they may excel physically, their emotional maturity lags behind. Prioritize physical development over emotional regulation.

Focus on Physical Skills:

For toddlers, tears are a language. It's their way of telling us something isn't right or they need something.

Crying is Communication: 

Intense behavior is how toddlers explore limits. Instead of punishment, guide them gently.

Testing Boundaries is Normal: 

Remember, toddlers lack impulse control and may not listen the first time. There's no perfect parenting, just understanding and patience.

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