The First Descendant's Steam Reviews Struggle After Launch Success

Despite its impressive start on Steam, **The First Descendant** is struggling with reviews, hovering near the “Mostly Negative” mark.

The free-to-play shooter saw a huge influx of players upon release, quickly climbing the Steam player charts.

Mixed Reception Post-Launch:

However, the excitement has been dampened by a wave of negative reviews. Players have expressed dissatisfaction with various aspects of the game, leading to a nearly “Mostly Negative” rating.

A major point of contention is the game’s approach to in-game purchases. Many negative reviews highlight what they see as a “pay-to-win” model.

Concerns Over Monetization:

For instance, Steam user FzySideUp commented, “This game released with more real money purchasable items than actual gameplay mechanics.” 

Another user, DrewishDude, mentioned, “While the game is free, the microtransactions seem incredibly costly. The ‘ultimate bundle’ for any character is just a straight $100.” 

Additionally, some players experienced delays with real money transactions on launch day, further fueling their frustration.

Players have also drawn comparisons between "The First Descendant" and established titles like "Destiny 2" and "Warframe".

Comparisons to Other Games:

Reviews from users like Zardoz and XeoShock suggest that "The First Descendant" falls short when measured against these games, urging others to stick with the originals instead.

It's not all bad news. The game saw a peak of 229,257 players within its first 24 hours, indicating significant interest. 

Bright Spots Amidst the Criticism:

Moreover, the overall review score has stabilized somewhat, currently sitting at 43% positive. This suggests that while there are notable issues, there are also aspects of the game that players enjoy.

"The First Descendant" is available for free on Steam, so you can check it out for yourself. If you need help navigating the game, guides on "The First Descendant" characters and crossplay are available.

 Try It Yourself:

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Despite the rocky start with reviews, "The First Descendant" has made a significant impact, quickly attracting a large player base. Whether it can maintain this momentum while addressing player concerns remains to be seen.

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