These Cool Animals Strutting Around on Two Legs

You know how humans are known for walking upright? Turns out, some animals can do it too.

Ever seen those funny pet videos where dogs or cats are strolling on two legs like they're people? 

These guys from Australia are pros at hopping around on two legs to show off their power.


They're the biggest birds around and can really pick up the pace with those long legs of theirs.


Like ostriches, emus are great runners and sometimes strut on two legs to get where they need to go.


Yup, those cute birds that waddle around on land? They can stand tall on two legs too!


These elegant birds can gracefully walk on two legs when they're not chilling in the water.


These colorful parrots can hop onto two legs to explore their surroundings.


Even though they usually walk on all fours, bears sometimes stand up on two legs out of curiosity.


These small mammals are social creatures that often stand on two legs to keep an eye out for danger.


They're our closest relatives in the animal kingdom and can walk on two legs when they want to.


These sneaky critters are known for their mischief, and they're pretty good at standing and walking on two legs too.


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