1. Prayers at 'Vyas Ji Ka Tehkhana'

 A priest from Kashi Vishwanath temple performed prayers at Gyanvapi mosque's 'Vyas Ji Ka Tehkhana' after a court order.

2. 1993 Seal Removal Order

The cellar, sealed in 1993 by Samajwadi Party-ruled UP, was unsealed based on a court order.

3. District Magistrate's Prompt Action

DM S. Rajalingam ensured swift compliance, removing barricades and arranging for worship as per the court order.

4. Application by Shailendra Kumar Pathak

The order resulted from an application by priest Shailendra Kumar Pathak, seeking worship rights in the mosque's basement.

5. Cellar Worship Arrangements

Stones formed a platform in the cellar, adorned with saffron cloth and Hindu deities; aarti performed five times daily.

6. Security Measures Implemented

 Police and PAC deployed, a gate installed around the cellar doors to manage entry.

7. Maintaining Peace Amid Challenges

Despite attempts to change the mosque signboard, the administration ensured peace and restored the altered signboard.

8. Legal Battle in Supreme Court

The Masajid Committee challenged district court orders in the Supreme Court, directed to approach the Allahabad High Court.

9. Supreme Court Refusal for Urgent Hearing

The Supreme Court declined an urgent hearing, urging the committee to seek relief from the Allahabad High Court.

10. ASI Report Confirms Hindu Temple

Pending cases involve Hindu plaintiffs seeking worship rights and mosque removal; ASI report confirms a pre-existing Hindu temple.