Top 5 Electric Scooters Transforming Urban Commuting in India

Electric scooters are taking over the streets in India, offering an eco-friendly and convenient solution to urban commuting.

As people become more eco-conscious and city traffic gets worse, innovative electric scooters are changing how we get around. 

These scooters not only reduce traffic congestion but also help shrink our carbon footprint. If you’re thinking about getting an electric scooter, here are the top 5 options to consider.

iVOOMi’s Jeet X is great for both individuals and families. It has a top speed of 70 km/h and comes with two battery options: 2.1 KW and 2.5 KW, offering a range of up to 140 KM on a single charge. 

1. iVOOMi Energy’s Jeet X:

The Jeet X also features a removable battery, making it easy to swap out and continue your trip. Unique features include the lightest EV scooter charger (weighing just 850 grams) and a 22-litre boot space for convenient city commuting.

The Ola S1 Pro is powered by a 3.97 kWh removable lithium-ion battery, which fully charges in about 6.5 hours with a home charger. It offers a range of up to 181 KM on a single charge and can reach a top speed of 115 km/h. 

2. Ola S1 Pro:

Standout features include a large touchscreen display for navigation and ride statistics, voice control capabilities, and GPS navigation, making it a smart and efficient ride for modern commuters.

The Ather 450X is equipped with a 2.9 kWh lithium-ion battery, offering an ARAI-certified range of up to 116 KM on a single charge. It takes approximately 5.45 hours to fully charge using a standard home charger and has a top speed of 80 km/h.

3. Ather 450X:

Additional features include a touchscreen dashboard with real-time data analytics, ride statistics, Google Maps integration, and a reverse mode for easier parking.

Reviving the iconic Chetak name with a modern electric twist, the Urbane Techpac features a 2.9 kWh lithium-ion battery that charges in about 5 hours using a standard home charger. 

4. Bajaj Chetak Urbane Techpac:

It offers a range of 113-127 KM per charge and a top speed of 63 km/h. The scooter combines classic design with modern features like LED lighting, a digital display, and regenerative braking.

The TVS iQube S is equipped with a 3.04 kWh lithium-ion battery, providing a range of up to 100 KM in Eco mode on a single charge. It fully charges in about 4.5 hours using a standard home charger and has a top speed of 78 km/h. 

5. TVS iQube S:

It features a TFT dashboard displaying vital information such as range, charge status, and navigation. The iQube also connects to your smartphone for additional functionalities like geofencing, remote battery status, and call/SMS alerts.

Each of these electric scooters offers unique features, strong performance, and contributes to sustainability. 

They are redefining urban mobility in India, providing cleaner, more efficient, and tech-savvy alternatives to traditional scooters.

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