Top Highest-Paid CEOs in India 2024

In big Indian companies, there are some really ambitious and innovative leaders who make things happen. 

They're like the stars of the show, guiding their companies to amazing success. And boy, do they get rewarded well for it!

These top bosses not only make their companies grow like crazy but also rake in big bucks as a thank you for their hard work. 

They're the ones who figure out the tricky market stuff and basically decide where entire industries are headed. Yep, we're talking about the CEOs.

Let's take a closer look at the highest-paid CEOs in India. It's where big dreams turn into reality and every move they make has a huge impact on the business world.

Company: Wipro Started In: July 2020 Salary For 2023-2024: Rs. 82.4 crores.

1. Thierry Delaporte :

Company: Larsen & Toubro Started In: 2017 Salary For 2023-2024: Rs. 61.27 crores.

2. S N Subrahmanyan:

Company: Persistent Systems Started In: 2019 Salary For 2023-2024: Rs. 61.7 crores. 

3. Sandeep Kalra:

Company: Mphasis. Started In: 2017 Salary For 2023-2024: Rs. 59.2 crores. 

4. Nitin Rakesh:

Company: Infosys Started In: January 2018 Salary For 2023-2024: Rs. 56.44 crores. 

5. Salil Parekh :

Company: Bajaj Auto Started In: 2005 Salary For 2023-2024: Rs. 47.6 crores. 

6. Rajiv Bajaj:

Company: Hindalco Industries Started In: 2013 Salary For 2023-2024: Rs. 37.1 crores. 

7. Satish Pai:

Company: HCL Technologies Started In: 2016 Salary For 2023-2024: Rs. 28.4 crores. 

8. C Vijayakumar :

Company: Tata Steel Started In: 2017 Salary For 2023-2024: Rs. 18.66 crores. 

9. T.V. Narendran:

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