Travis Kelce is asked about making Taylor Swift an ‘honest woman'

During a charity event in Kansas City, Jason Sudeikis didn't hold back from asking Travis Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs star and Taylor Swift's boyfriend, a bold question.

In a comedic moment at the Big Slick Celebrity Weekend, Sudeikis, alongside his uncle George Wendt and Robert Smigel, playfully asked Kelce when he plans to propose to Swift, sparking cheers from the crowd.

Kelce, with a grin and a beard stroke, took the question in good humor. 

Sudeikis, in character, teased Kelce about proposing while jokingly mentioning a recent speech by a teammate about marriage and motherhood.

Amid the banter, Kelce, though amused, hinted that they were pushing the topic too far. 

Swift wasn't present at the event, which also featured Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, aimed at raising funds for Children's Mercy hospital.

Kelce and Swift have been together since last summer, often seen together at Swift's shows. 

Despite speculation, Kelce has remained focused on his football career, as seen in his response during a press conference earlier this year.

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