Zelda Williams on Directing "Lisa Frankenstein"

Directorial Debut:

 Zelda Williams reflects on the challenges and excitement of making her directorial debut with "Lisa Frankenstein."

Daunting Experience:

 Williams shares that directing a script by Diablo Cody was "really daunting," especially in terms of setting the right tone.

Campy Comedy Tone:

The director acknowledges the difficulty in starting with a campy comedy but expresses gratitude for the enjoyable experience.

Film's Origin:

Williams reveals that the decision for "Lisa Frankenstein" to be her debut was influenced by unexpected factors, including the pandemic.

Galentine's Day Suggestion:

The director suggests "Lisa Frankenstein" as a great Galentine's Day movie, emphasizing its comedic nature suitable for both singles and couples.

Movie Details:

 "Lisa Frankenstein" is a horror comedy starring Kathryn Newton and Cole Sprouse, with Williams making her feature-length directorial debut.

Zelda's Involvement:

Williams announced her involvement in the film in 2022, expressing gratitude for the unique and wonderful zombie script.

Diablo Cody's Perspective:

Cody praises Williams' intelligence, literacy in film, and confident directorial style, highlighting her innate understanding of source material.

Film Synopsis:

Set in 1989, "Lisa Frankenstein" follows a high schooler reviving a Victorian corpse, played by Sprouse, shaping him into her ideal man.

Following Robin Williams' Legacy:

 Zelda Williams, inspired by her late father Robin Williams, embraces her entertainment career, previously starring in series and voice acting.