Where is santa Cat?

Scene 1: Santa’s Workshop Santa’s bustling workshop is filled with toys and holiday decorations. Santa calls for his cat, Mittens, but she’s nowhere to be found.

Scene 2: The Elves’ Clues The elves search for Mittens. They find a tiny paw print leading to the sleigh.

Scene 3: The Snowy Forest The paw prints vanish in the snowy forest. The elves discover a torn piece of red fabric caught on a tree branch.

Scene 4: The Candy Cane Lane The elves follow the fabric trail to Candy Cane Lane, where they find a candy wrapper marked with Mittens’ name.

Scene 5: The Reindeer Stable The wrapper leads to the reindeer stable. One of the reindeer has a red nose, covered in glitter.

Scene 6: The Gingerbread House A faint meow echoes from a nearby gingerbread house. The elves cautiously enter.

Scene 7: Mittens’ Hideout Mittens sits atop a gingerbread house, surrounded by tinsel and ornaments. She playfully bats at a string of lights.

Scene 8: The Christmas Tree The elves try to lure Mittens down with a shiny ornament. She pounces, causing the tree to wobble.

Scene 9: The Rooftop Mittens scurries up to the rooftop, leaving behind a trail of jingle bells.

Scene 10: Santa’s Discovery Santa arrives, chuckling. He finds Mittens curled up in his hat, nestled beside the chimney, safe and sound.

The mystery of Santa’s missing cat ends with a joyful reunion, as Mittens purrs contentedly in Santa’s arms, ready for Christmas Eve.

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