10 Points on Why Plastic Bags should be Banned

1) The widespread use of plastic bags leads to littering issues.

2) The utilization of plastic bags results in the depletion of our natural resources, including water, trees, and farm produce.

3) It endangers marine life, causing a decline in the population of sea animals.

4) The global consumption of 1 trillion plastic bags contributes to environmental pollution when they end up in landfills.

5) Burning plastic bags releases toxic gases, further polluting the atmosphere.

6) Wildlife faces threats as animals may accidentally ingest plastic bags.

7) The dumping of plastic bags poses a significant environmental hazard.

8) The production of plastic bags releases harmful gases during manufacturing.

9) The manufacturing process of plastic requires millions of liters of oil.

10) Due to these detrimental effects, it is essential to ban plastic bags.

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