World Book and Copyright Day 2024: Date, Theme and Importance

World Book and Copyright Day, observed annually on April 23, is a special occasion dedicated to celebrating books, reading, and the protection of intellectual property through copyright laws.

The significance of April 23rd stems from the fact that it marks the death anniversaries of notable authors such as William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes. 

This date was chosen by UNESCO during their General Conference in 1995 to honor the contributions of these writers and to promote the importance of reading.

In 2024, World Book and Copyright Day will be celebrated on Tuesday, April 23rd. 

It's a day cherished by literature enthusiasts worldwide, symbolizing the enduring impact of books and their creators.

There are various ways to celebrate World Book and Copyright Day:

1. Dive into a book you've been wanting to read.

2. Explore the collection at your local library.

3. Engage in a book club meeting or start one of your own.

4. Contribute by donating books to a local school or charity.

5. Share your favorite books and authors on social media using the hashtag #WorldBookDay.

Let's embrace the power of books this April 23rd by indulging in the joy of reading and spreading our passion for literature to the world!

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